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    YELLOW JACKET Gauges For HFC Refrigerants

    March 1, 2008
    table width="117" border="0" align="right"img src="/images/archive/79185yellowjack_00000051860.jpg" width="117" height="130" YELLOW JACKET, long recognized

    YELLOW JACKET, long recognized as the industry leader in HVAC&R service tools, is the first to offer a set of large 3-1/8-in. red and blue dry manifold gauges specifically calibrated for monitoring R-417A, R-422A and R-422D refrigerant alternatives. These 1% accuracy (Class 1) gauges with a front recalibrating screw are available individually or on the YELLOW JACKET TITAN™ 4-Valve Test and Charging Manifold.

    www.yellowjacket.com/cb or 800/769-8370. — Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc, YELLOW JACKET® Products Division.