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    Man, What a Manifold!

    April 1, 2006
    img src="/images/archive/13903smartprods_00000006760.jpg" width="72" height="89" border="0" align="right"The Uniweld brass manifold is a user-friendly,
    The Uniweld brass manifold is a user-friendly, accurate, and reliable tool that air-conditioning and automotive technicians have relied on for years. Built with a forged brass body and metal (not plastic) hand wheels, this manifold has extended valve stems providing ample knuckle clearance. New, color-coded gauge boots provide added protection against bumps and drops. Easy access, 45 degree front hose holders, a quick action valve assembly, and Soft Magic ® hoses are additional technician-friendly features. Now packaged in high visibility clamshell packaging. Uniweld Products, Inc., 2850 Ravenswood Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Call 800/323-2111; visit www.uniweld.com; or send an email inquiry to [email protected]. — Uniweld