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    Contractors Services becomes Success Group International

    Feb. 1, 2004
    Contractors Services, the parent company of Plumbers Success International and AirTime 500 has changed its name to Success Group International Changing

    Contractors Services, the parent company of Plumbers’ Success International‚ and AirTime 500‚ has changed its name to Success Group International™.

    “Changing our name reflects our focus on the future. Our goal is to help independent business owners become successful and build wealth. Today, our focus is on independent plumbing and HVAC contractors. In the future, we may expand to other trade fields where the term contractor may not apply, but the term success will always apply. With that in mind, we are changing our name from Contractors Services to Success Group International,” explains SGI President Terry Nicholson.

    The change will not affect the operations of either AirTime 500 or PSI. However, contractors will notice the change reflected in correspondence, publications, and on the soon-to-be-released SGI website.

    Success Group International is a subsidiary of VenVest, Inc. located in St. Louis, MO. VenVest, Inc. is also the parent company of New Millennium Academy‚ Benjamin Franklin Plumbing‚, and One Hour Air Conditioning‚.

    For more information on Success Group International, call 800/505-8885.