• Sheet Metal Local 36 to TrainEnergy Audit Technicians

    Nov. 24, 2010
    The courses provide comprehensive training that will enable sheet metal workers to better identify problems.

    Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36 and the Local 36 Training School have been selected by the International Training Institute (ITI) to host a series of training courses certifying sheet metal workers as Energy Audit Technicians. The courses provide comprehensive training that will enable sheet metal workers to better identify problems through proper measurement and analysis of energy use by the HVAC system.

    At the completion of the courses, workers will be certified Energy Audit Technicians through the International Certification Board (ICB) and have the ability conduct Level One Energy Audits, providing more energy efficient heating and cooling solutions to the homes and businesses they serve.

    “We’re thrilled to be hosting these courses and helping our workers become more diverse in their skills,” said Dan Andrews, coordinator of the Local 36 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program. “At Local 36 we take pride in the advancement of sustainable initiatives within our industry and are looking forward to continuing that tradition.”

    Course curriculum includes:

    • Calculating EUI (Energy Utilization Index)
    • Data collection and measurement skills required to perform a Total Commercial HVAC Systems Audit
    • Identifying inefficient and/or faulty equipment.

    As a result of a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, ITI has invited sheet metal training schools from five cities it has identified as most affected by the closure of automotive plants in past five years to host and conduct training courses designed to certify Level One Energy Auditors. While any local members or instructors can take the courses, the intent of the program is to re-train sheet metal journeymen who fell victim to the failing auto industry for other growing areas of the sheet metal industry.

    “These courses are an excellent opportunity to showcase not only our commitment to sustainable and efficient energy solutions, but to help sustain our workforce and make our workers more valuable to our customers,” said Andrews. The first series of courses took place the weeks of October 25 and November 15 with certifications scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.