• Greenheck Damper Manufacturing Facility: ISO9001:2008 Status

    Aug. 21, 2012
    Ensures the highest standards are followed.

    Greenheck’s heavy duty/industrial damper manufacturing facility in Schofield, WI recently attained ISO9001:2008 registered certification. Greenheck heavy duty/industrial dampers are designed for use in industrial and severe duty applications.

    ISO9001:2008 certification ensures Greenheck control, isolation, backdraft, pressure relief, tunnel ventilation, smoke and blast, and bubble tight damper models are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

    Greenheck, a worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement and control equipment, offers the most UL-certified dampers and the largest selection of AMCA licensed dampers in the industry.

    For additional information, visit greenheck.com or call Greenheck at 715/359-6171.