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    In November's ContractingBusiness.com: HVACR Week, Business Coaching, Partnership Tips

    Nov. 8, 2010
    November CB.com is packed with info you can use.

    The November 2010 edition of ContractingBusiness.com is packed with news and information for HVACR professionals.

    Our annual HVACR Week/HVAC Comfortech Show — held this year at the Baltimore Convention Center— was a hit by all reports. The show was filled with positivity, and great ideas for residential and commercial HVACR contractors. They attended HVACR Week to learn about new products, and find new ways to improve and grow their HVACR businesses. Our show report, "A Game-Changing Show!" covers it all.

    In sports, a coach keeps the players focused on the goal: winning. A business coach can do the same for your company. In "Business Coaches Provide a Playbook for Success," you'll read how Steve Mason, of Mason Mechanical in Mesa, AZ, used a business coaching organization to increase profitability.

    Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), is an economic method of evaluation in which all costs associated with the purchasing, installation, owning, operating, maintaining, and disposition of a project or system over its useful life are considered in the procurement decision. Read about the challenges of LCCAs in "Lifecycle Selling: Is There a Shorter Payback?" by Paul Wenner of Southland Industries.

    "Building Controls: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow," by Dick Starr, CEO of Enterprise HVAC & Control, Twinsburg, OH, reviews some of Starr's predictions about building control capabilities he made in 1995. Many of those predictions have come true, and the industry continues to bring new developments.

    Use caution when entering into a business partnership, say Bob Woodall and Cal Turner, co-owners of Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, Dothan, AL. In "Partnerships that Work," Woodall says a perfect partnership is not necessarily made up of two people who are alike. However, they do have to have some things in common — such as character, values and mutual respect. "When trying to determine if you have found the right partner for your business, I recommend that you listen to your instincts. You have to feel good about it," Woodall says.

    The November CB also includes articles on commercial boiler maintenance, trends in commercial refrigeration, and our monthly Tech Update covers valves used in commercial and residential HVAC systems.

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