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    New Ideas Fuel HVACR BusinessOwner's Progress

    Aug. 4, 2010
    New ideas and initiative a winning combination

    Steve Berger views himself as a nonconformist. It’s a tendency that has helped Berger, a 30-year-veteran HVACR service technician, and president of Berger HVAC, LLC, Northwood, NH, stay successful.

    “Nonconformist” also describes his choice of HVACR products and equipment. Other contractors may disagree with some of Berger’s product preferences, but if a product performs as promised, and helps him save time and money, he’s all over it.

    Berger’s truck, a 14 x 8 Mitsubishi box truck, is one example. It’s large enough to store the average service technician’s service van inside. Having a truck of that size enables Berger and his technicians to carry a huge inventory that eliminates time-consuming trips to the wholesaler. The truck also features a roof-mounted hydraulic aerial lift bucket from RBG, Raymond, NH. Having the lift bucket eliminates carrying heavy equipment and tools up and down ladders and saves time.

    To control refrigeration leaks and save time, Berger uses a refrigeration system sealant for indiscoverable or inaccessible leaks. He believes the practice saves customers thousands of dollars by repairing presumably unfixable equipment, improving equipment efficiency, and conserving valuable refrigerant. Using Super Seal leak sealants has added a marketable dimension to his commercial services. Mentioning product name to customers is a plus, he believes, in that it helps customers become more aware of products as a point of reference. (See how it’s done on his website, bergerhvac.com.)

    Other time saving practices Berger has undertaken include:

    • designing sheet metal filter holders
    • vacuum packed sealants and moisture removal agents
    • quality electronic leak detectors.

    Nonconformity isn’t something Berger believes in just to be different. It’s simply become part of his strategy, when more conventional practices might cost the customer more money. For example, Berger saved thousands of dollars in construction costs for the Saint Ann Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Dover, NH by using Dry-R and Super Seal HVACR to eliminate system moisture and sealed recessed linesets for a 24,000-Btu walk-in cooler.

    To Berger, non-conformity isn't a negative, when he makes use of the latest advancements in HVACR technology, and he plans to continue listening and learning, in an attempt to grow his business in a rapidly changing world.