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    Tom McCart DVD Tells You How to Succeed in HVAC Sales

    July 1, 2005
    img src="/images/archive/9863news0200jpg_00000003693.jpg" width="87" height="111" border="0" align="right"From the Sky Up: the Tom McCart Story on DVD
    From the Sky Up: the Tom McCart Story on DVD is a 75-minute interview with "HVAC's Million Dollar Salesman," the late Tom McCart.

    Hosted by HVAC salesman and trainer Charlie Greer, the DVD covers Tom McCart's background, his first forays into HVAC, and his tips on what it takes to succeed in HVAC sales. McCart describes how he generated replacement sales every day of the year, regardless of the weather, and gives his predictions for the future of HVAC. McCart and Greer discuss their often adversarial relationship and how they used teamwork to achieve their goals.

    Taped two months before Tom McCart lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease, "From the Sky Up" is a musthave for Tom McCart fans!

    For more information, visit www.hvacprofitboosters.com.