• Can Advertising In Season Benefit You?

    July 13, 2011
    Summer is in full swing and companies are often working round the clock to keep up with the stress of the season. As the mercury passes 95F and the humidity soars, customers begin to worry their air conditioning systems won’t make it through the heat wave.

    Summer is in full swing and companies are often working round the clock to keep up with the stress of the season. As the mercury passes 95F and the humidity soars, customers begin to worry their air conditioning systems won’t make it through the heat wave. Systems go down and need emergency repair or replacement, and everybody wants service immediately. Summer is usually the time of year when most companies generate the income that gets them through the lean times. Isn’t this the best time to advertise?

    For those of you in the air conditioning business, your customers never think of your services more than this time of year. When a customer has a problem, they usually go to the Internet and list of all the air conditioning companies in their area. Then they call each one until they find a company that tells them they can come right now or one that can get there first.

    What would happen if you ran a regular schedule of ads during the summer or winter? There are two times during the year when customers have the most concern for their heating and air conditioning systems, and that’s summer and winter. If you advertise during these times, you have the opportunity to have upwards of 90% of your potential customers in your trading area interested in your ad. This will put your company at the top of mind for those audience members. Granted they only think of you when their equipment is down, but if your radio commercial has played every day during drive time, it’s a good bet that subconsciously they will recognize your name or will think of your company when they need help.

    In season advertising, doesn’t have to mean expensive TV or radio ads. With our current level of technology, in season advertising can include, email marketing, web banner ads, direct mail, and it can even include mailing magnets to potential customers. When you consider in season ads, don’t neglect your existing customers as a great source for potential new customers. After all, your existing customers love your work, they keep coming back to you, and they know people that you don’t know. What better source is there for recommendations?

    Email marketing is usually tough unless you have great list of email addresses. Marketing firms will rent email mailing lists to you. Order these lists by specifying the demographics you want; create your mail piece (most will assist you with this) and the company will do the rest. With this set up you only rent the list, so you only receive an email address when somebody responds to your message.

    Web banner ads can provide a great result if you put them on high traffic sites. Try placing a banner add on the home page for the Comcast local page, or whoever is the dominant cable provider in the area. A banner ad should have a short message, a call to action, and a link to your website. The landing page to which you link to should have more information about your offer and further instructions.

    Just like email marketing, you can order direct mail mailing lists and can specify the defining characteristics that you want. If using direct mail in season, focus your message on the things that concern your customer the most. It would be a great idea to include a magnet with your mailing our use a magnetic postcard.

    Let’s talk about magnets for a moment. My wife never met a magnet she didn’t like. You should see our refrigerator! We have magnets from three different states and we still hang on to them. We are not alone, check your own refrigerator, what do you have on it? We find this to be common occurrence across the country; people love magnets. You can purchase post cards that incorporate magnets in them. This allows you to imprint your message on the magnet and mail your message to potential customers. People will keep the magnets and throw away the card. The next thing you know the magnet is on the refrigerator and your message greets them every time they open the door.

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