Lennox Named a Finalist for Global Energy Award

Nov. 3, 2009
Could possibly win as Commercial Technology of the Year.

The Lennox Energence rooftop unit — designed to reduce utilities’ peak demand resulting from comfort cooling requirements— has positioned Lennox Industries as a finalist for the Platts Global Energy Awards, in the Commercial Technology of the Year category.

Lennox sources say the Energence™ rooftop unit line is the most energy-efficient light commercial rooftop unit product line*. Additionally, Lennox sources report that the Energence rooftop unit is the industry’s only RTU line designed to achieve a 17.0 SEER, more than 30% over U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) minimum standards. For the widest energy impact, Lennox has incorporated exceptional advances into the most popular sizes of light commercial rooftop units.

The Energence line reportedly has the most models that surpass the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) 2010 Tier 2 levels for rebates**, the highest currently available. Predicts Significant Environmental Impact Replacing even a single older unit with an Energence rooftop unit can make a significant difference for business and the environment.

Lennox designed the completely new Prodigy™ control system for the Energence rooftop line, with several patent-pending features to help ensure that the units maintain the high efficiencies they’re designed to achieve.

Winners of the Platts Global Energy Awards will be announced December 3 in New York. For additional information, visit To learn more about Energence rooftop units, visit

*Commercial gas/electric or electric/electric single-packaged rooftop units, 3- to 5-ton units. Claim pertains to 17.0 SEER rating for LGH060H4 unit. Established through review of competitive literature available to the general public in May 2009.

**Claim pertains to G/E models that exceed 12 EER for 3- to 20-ton rooftop units, per review of competitive literature publicly available October 2009. Lennox currently offers 11 models that exceed 12 EER.