Uponor Launches Website forRadiant, Plumbing Pros

April 26, 2010
The new website will help radiant, plumbing, and fire sprinkler contractors gain a competitive edge.

Now professionals in the radiant floor heating and cooling, PEX plumbing and fire sprinkler markets have a place to go online created just for them — www.uponorpro.com.

The new site, launched in early April, is a one-stop-shop for professionals needing technical, marketing, training and general industry knowledge to help them gain an edge in the competitive world of radiant, plumbing and fire sprinkler installations.

While on the site, visitors can sign up for the new PROadvantage program and even correspond on PROtalk, an online forum, with Uponor technical experts and other industry professionals.

“When designing the professional site, we wanted to ensure our customers had the latest, most relevant information and technical support they needed right at their fingertips,” says Steve Lockridge, senior manager, Channel Marketing, at Uponor. “With Uponorpro.com, we can offer visitors everything they need to know to successfully install Uponor products and systems and effectively grow their business.”

The site features the following sections:
Products and Applications provides information about Uponor radiant heating and cooling, plumbing, fire sprinkler, commercial and underground pre-insulated pipe products, tools, systems and applications o Each product/application page includes links to related technical and marketing documents, such as submittals, install guides, instruction sheets, manuals, product guides and brochures
Training and Education provides dates, times, course descriptions and online registration for Uponor factory training courses and webinars o Includes information about Uponor’s training team, including photos, bios, industry experience and expertise o Features a section on Uponor’s training videos for quick, informative, how-to lessons about installing Uponor products and systems
Marketing and Sales offers access to all of Uponor’s marketing and sales tools to help professionals promote and grow their businesses o Features several Uponor case studies, which, when selected, bring up a page that is print-friendly for adding to hard-copy marketing materials o Provides an area where professionals can view, download and print PDF files of all marketing literature, including brochures, product guides, fact sheets, information sheets and FAQs, as well as links to Uponor articles in various media publications
News and Events offers the latest news about Uponor, including new product launches, personnel announcements and industry awards o Provides dates, times and general information about industry tradeshows and important Uponor events
Technical Support offers a comprehensive resource for accessing technical information on Uponor products and systems o Features technical literature, including specifications, submittals, manuals, installation guides, instruction sheets and technical and product bulletins o Includes an FAQ section for answers about Uponor radiant heating and cooling, plumbing, fire sprinkler, commercial and pre-insulated pipe products and systems o Users can even access an interactive, online product catalog along with their submittals and specifications to help get their projects moving
PROtalk is an online forum with an opportunity for visitors to correspond with Uponor technical experts or other industry professionals about radiant heating and cooling, plumbing and fire sprinkler products and systems.