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    Dahl Company ContinuesNationwide Outreach

    Aug. 30, 2011
    'Day with Dahl' events are being held in cities from Las Vegas to Ocean City, MD.

    Dahl, a family-owned manufacturer of top quality plumbing and heating valves and specialties for more than 58 years, recently launched a series of “Day with Dahl” events to further develop relationships with distributors and contractors.

    The first “Day with Dahl” event was held on June 1 in Las Vegas, NV. The tour is moving east, and will end in Ocean City, MD. Dahl plans to host more than 50 events across the U.S., to showcase innovative product offering to local partners.

    Prior to the event, each distributor’s local contractors receive information about the “Day with Dahl” event along with promotional items such as educational brochures and a free sample of a Dahl valve to utilize at a current job site. At the event, Dahl offers its industry partners a complimentary breakfast or lunch, hosts brief informational sessions about new products and provides all attendees with a Dahl “I Can’t Take a Leak” slogan t-shirts.

    In addition, Dahl also provides distributors with an array of marketing elements and promotional items to use at the event and in the future. To date Dahl has hosted 10 events in June, eight events in July and already has 27 more events planned in August and September with distribution partners throughout the U.S.

    Josh Jamieson, Dahl’s regional sales manager notes, “We're excited to host this series of ‘Day with Dahl’ events as a small way to thank our industry partners from coast to coast. We know the key to our growth is building strong, lasting partnerships with our distributors and their contractor customers by delivering quality products on-time, every time, and these events are an excellent way for us to continue to forge those relationships.”

    For local distributors interested in hosting a “Day with Dahl” event in their area, please contact Josh Jamieson at [email protected].

    Incorporated in 1952, Dahl Brothers is a family-owned manufacturer of top quality plumbing & heating valves and specialties for the hydronic industry, and is Canada’s number one valve manufacturer, sources report.