• eQuip Helps Customers Customize Their Freightliner Sprinter CUVs

    July 1, 2007
    Business owners who want their new vehicles to work as hard as they do have a new tool to accelerate the buying process by helping them customize the

    Business owners who want their new vehicles to work as hard as they do have a new tool to accelerate the buying process by helping them customize the interior and exterior of new 2007 Freightliner Sprinter commercial utility vehicles (CUV). The time-saving eQuip is available for use only with Freightliner Sprinter CUV cargo models.
    Customers can use the tool to choose from a variety of packages of interior or exterior modifications, that are customized for six professions that rely on transport vehicles, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contracting. eQuip offers customers a choice of packages of interior-exterior work systems that
    include racks with shelves, bins, cabinets, work benches and ladder racks. Customers
    may also choose to purchase only some of the packages features like a rack of bins,
    giving them dozens of ways to customize their CUVs.
    The systems are designed and manufactured by leading vehicle equipment companies:
    Adrian Steel, Bott, System Edstrom and Weather Guard.
    Interior modifications are designed to complement the class-leading features of the
    Freightliner Sprinter like the largest cargo capacity, lowest side step-in height, widest
    side-door opening and tallest cargo area.
    eQuip further streamlines the online research process because it is integrated with a
    complete build-and-price system. The two systems allow customers to specify their own
    Freightliner Sprinter bumper to bumper, inside and out.
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    How eQuip works
    A customer begins the customization process by going online to www.fl-sprinter.com and
    choosing the link for eQuip.
    The customer then selects the cargo model from a drop-down list and makes a second
    choice to “upfit” or customize the Freightliner Sprinter. Next, he selects one of the six
    types of businesses for which special interior-exterior packages are available. Then the
    customer chooses either a package of interior accessories or only some of the elements of
    a package like a work bench or shelving rack.
    Once the customer has clicked on the “Build It” button, he chooses the Freightliner Sprinter dealer with whom he will work. As the vehicle takes shape based on the choices
    made by the customer, details of the components in the eQuip package are listed, as well
    as the cost.
    Pop-up windows display images of the interior packages and provide close-up views of
    components, including racks with shelves and drawers, cabinets and work benches.
    To complete the process, the customer chooses if he wants to:
    • save the information on his computer,
    • be contacted by the dealer to schedule a test drive,
    • receive a brochure about the vehicle, or
    • print the information about the interior package.
    After the Freightliner Sprinter is ordered, the local dealer works with body modification companies to have the eQuip package installed. Once the installation is complete, the customer can pick up the completed vehicle and go to work. A customer may also choose to install the interior and exterior work systems himself.
    For more information, contact Phil Romba at Trone, 864/349-7607;
    [email protected]