March 1, 2012
At HVAC Comfortech 2011, 12 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. ...

At HVAC Comfortech 2011, 12 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We’ll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business. This month, we’re featuring Carrier’s Infinity 20 Heat Pump with Greenspeed Intelligence, the winner in the Forced Air Cooling category. For additional information on any of the products listed here, circle the appropriate number(s) on the reader service card at the back of this issue or visit

Carrier’s Heat Pump Built for Total Home Comfort
The Carrier Infinity heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence delivers an HSPF heating efficiency rating up to 13 and cooling efficiencies of up to 20 SEER. The new heat pump delivers cooling, dehumidification and provides a hybrid heat solution when paired with the right furnace, to expand the use of heat pumps in regions with extreme climates.

The new line of heat pumps is designed to operate fluidly with ranges as wide as 40 to 100% capacity while heating or cooling a home. This innovation is made possible by pairing the superior communication ability of Carrier Greenspeed intelligence with a Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor from Emerson Climate Technologies, optimized specifically for this heat pump.

The heat pump also employs an upgraded Infinity control software package that constantly monitors a wide range of critical system parameters, including suction pressure and compressor temperature.
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WD-40 Brand Launches First Ever Product Line Extension
WD-40 company introduces WD-40 Specialist – a new line of specialty products formulated to give trade professionals the performance they need to get specific jobs done right.

The new WD-40 Specialist line consists of five products:rust release penetrant spray; water resistant silicone lubricant; protective white lithium grease; long-term corrosion inhibitor; and rust remover soak.

All of the new WD-40 Specialist products are 50-state VOC compliant and according to the manufacturer have proven more effective in key performance areas than leading competitors in ASTM and other industry accepted test methods:

  • Rust release penetrant spray — with Blu Torch technology helps prevent rust and corrosion
  • Water resistant silicone lubricant – dries fast and doesn’t leave a mess
  • Protective white lithium grease — ideal for metal-to-metal applications and provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Long-term corrosion inhibitor — protects metal from corrosion for up to one-year outdoors and two years indoors
  • Rust remover soak — made with biodegradable ingredients and a non-toxic formula, it restores rusted metal parts back to bare metal.
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Lenox Launches Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw Mini Kit
Lenox now offers its patent-pending bi-metal Speed Slot hole saw in a mini kit. The ultra-compact, all-inclusive kit helps make storing, organizing, and transporting multiple hole saws on jobsites easier, sources say.

Although small in size at 10 ¼-in. x 11 7/8-in. x 3 ½-in., the mini kit holds as many as six hole saws, ranging in size from 7/8-in. up to 2 11/16-in. in diameter. Three customized mini kits—Electrician’s Kit, Plumber’s Kit and Contractor’s Kit—contain the hole saws most commonly used by professional tradesmen, plus a 2L and a 5L Snap-Back arbor. A hard-sided case and robust metal latch offer extreme durability.
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CertainTeed Launches New Online Tool to Simplify LEED Documentation for Products
Through the introduction of EcoDocs, architects, contractors and other building professionals now have an easy-to-use online tool for documenting CertainTeed insulation, ceilings, and gypsum products used in LEED projects. EcoDocs provides custom documentation letters designed for specific LEED rating programs and is available 24/7 to help meet the sustainability criteria for specified CertainTeed products.

EcoDocs includes detailed information on hundreds of CertainTeed insulation, gypsum, and ceilings products—including various sizes, colors and finishes—ensuring accurate and detailed specifications on every project. After creating an account, building design professionals can open and save individual projects along with location and contact information. For each project, exact quantities and costs of each product can be selected and assigned to a specific LEED goal. Once all products are selected, a simple click generates a LEED letter covering the selected products and LEED objective.

CertainTeed offers a wide variety of building products that contribute to LEED certification and are proven to help increase the overall efficiency and comfort of a building. For example, CertainTeed’s AirRenew is the first gypsum board to actively remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air, and the company’s sustainable insulation is manufactured with a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and does not include formaldehyde, acrylics or dyes. Also, several of CertainTeed’s ceilings products are now covered by industry-leading environmental product declarations (EPDs), which provide transparent third-party information on sustainability from manufacture to disposal.
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Lennox Introduces High-efficiency Energence Rooftop Units in 20- to 30-ton Models

Lennox Industries introduces the new high-efficiency Energence 20- to 30-ton rooftop units. These models will replace the Lennox L Series® 21- to 30-ton rooftop units seamlessly, without requiring curb or utility connection modifications.

The Energence rooftop units are available in 20-ton gas/electric and electric/electric variable-air volume (VAV) models, as well as 25-ton and 30-ton gas/electric and electric/electric constant-air volume (CAV) and VAV models. Most new models exceed the Consortium of Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 standards. Additional features of the units include:

  • The Prodigy unit controller tracks the runtime of every major system component and records the date and time when service or maintenance is performed.

  • The Environ condenser coil system uses over 38% less refrigerant, has a compact design, fewer brazed joints, and comes with a standard three-year warranty.
  • Foil-faced insulation on all internal surfaces that contact airflow, helping to minimize airborne fibers and improve IAQ.

  • Blower belt auto-tensioner that provides proper tension without the need for regular adjustments and maintains airflow and proper performance.
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Onset Announces New Version of Data Logging Software
Onset announces HOBOware 3.3, a new version of the company’s graphing and analysis software.

Key features include:

  • Batch configuration and readout — With HOBOware 3.3, users configure and readout multiple data loggers. This time-saving feature is a particular advantage in applications requiring hundreds of data loggers, such as building energy audits or monitoring stream temperatures, sources say.
  • Pre-launch filtering and scaling — These tools enable users to pre-configure their data loggers so upon readout, the data will display max/min/average readings at set intervals (per hour/per day), and will be automatically plotted to scale in real-world engineering units.
  • Bulk export — This enables users to quickly and easily export HOBOware files to text format for use in Microsoft Excel and other programs. The tool automates file naming and management tasks to streamline the export process and save time.
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AERCO Announces the New AERCO Control System (ACS)
The AERCO Control System (ACS) is a flexible controller designed to maximize energy savings in modular boiler plants. The ACS can stage and coordinate the operations of up to 32 boilers and is designed to maximize the operating efficiency of condensing equipment. Eight of the 32 boilers can be designated for domestic heating priority. Another eight boilers may be designated as swing boilers serving domestic hot water and building space heating as demand required. With individual unit turndown as high as 20:1, a five-boiler plant delivers 100:1 system turndown when staged to operate sequentially.

The ACS is able to regulate overall plant output with precise accuracy, and a boiler plant with ±2F header temperature variation is assured under normal load conditions. It offers sequential or parallel operation flexibility, 100% control of auxiliary equipment, and user programmable modes of operation that can be changed in the field. The ACS automatically rotates the lead unit to help equalize boiler runtime.

The controller is designed for easy installation with low voltage, twisted pair, shielded wire between the panel and boilers. Fault alarm contacts, automatic system start, two interlock circuits, and the ability to start an auxiliary piece of equipment (at both start and 100% load) combine all critical functions of the boiler plant into one reliable control center.
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Vertically-oriented Panel Solutions Deliver High Performance Operation
Danfoss VLT drives introduces vertical bypass panel assemblies. These packed drive solutions are structured around Danfoss VLT HVAC drives to deliver robust variable speed drive performance in HVAC applications, with market-preferred bypass controls and maximum geometric flexibility to meet strict installation constraints.

Vertical bypass panel assemblies feature a UL Type 1 / NEMA 1 design, and are UL/CUL 508 listed and seismically certified. Inherent phase loss / imbalance and brown-out protection prevents product damage and downtime in adverse power quality installations. They are available in non-bypass or three contactor bypass configurations, and provide 24 VDC control power for all but the largest sizes.

Options available with vertical bypass panel assemblies include 208V – 240V through 60 HP, and 460V and 600V through 125 HP.
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