AtmosAir Solutions Opens Dallas-Ft. Worth Office

Jan. 11, 2012
AtmosAir Solutions markets and installs bi-polar ionization air purification devices.

AtmosAir Solutions, a leading air purification company which markets and installs "green," clean indoor air devices for homes and businesses, announced today that it has opened a Dallas-Ft. Worth regional office to meet the growing demand and interest for its clean air products.

According to Steve Levine, president and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions in Fairfield CT., Darrell Cole, Southwest business development manager, would operate the office located in Van Alstyne, TX. AtmosAir Solutions markets and installs bi-polar ionization air purification devices. These devices significantly reduce mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, particles and germs that get past normal ventilation and filtration systems in, homes, businesses sports arenas and locker rooms and any indoor environment, sources report.

Among the users of AtmosAir Solutions are The Dallas Cowboys, which use its clean air systems in team locker rooms, training rooms, and rehab areas at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch training facilities to help keep their football players healthy eliminate odors and prevent infections.

“I’m delighted to announce the opening of our new Dallas office, months after opening a west coast regional office in Los Angeles,” Levine says. “This latest expansion will allow us to bring our green, clean indoor air devices for homes and businesses to the Southwest marketplace. With the current and rapid adoption of AtmosAir products by hotels, professional sports teams, athletic training facilities, military bases, hospitals, casinos, we recognized the growing need to have a fulltime sales office in Dallas-Ft. Worth. We’re fortunate to add Darrell Cole to our team” Cole has 26 years experience managing and marketing in the construction and plumbing/ mechanical industries. He most recently was a manager for Mechanical Partners in Dallas, which specializes in designing, planning and building heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems. He’s also an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, North Texas Chapter.

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AtmosAir’s advanced and proven technology replicates the healthful benefits of fresh mountain air inside a home or office by increasing ion levels in the air, matching the levels found at higher mountain elevations. Those homeowners that install the air purification devices say they breathe easier, sleep better and notice an elimination of dust particles, mold, odors, mildew and bacteria. Families who have allergy or asthma sufferers often notice an immediate improvement in their conditions. For organizations that adopt the systems, there is vast improvement of air quality, cost savings, energy reductions and work productivity. More information is available at