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    New Leak Detection Kit

    April 1, 2006
    img src="/images/archive/13904smartprods_00000006761.jpg" width="132" height="86" border="0" align="right"The OPK-100BEZ/E Kit contains everything needed
    The OPK-100BEZ/E Kit contains everything needed to locate all refrigerant leaks in larger air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. It includes the super-high intensity Optimax cordless, rechargeable leak detection flashlight, the patented BigEZ dye injector, and a 4-oz. cartridge of polyolester, universal dye that treats up to 400 lbs. of refrigerant or 16-gal of lubricant. The kit also includes a battery charger, a bottle of Glo-Away dye cleaner, fluorescence-enhancing glasses, and a rugged carrying case. Visit www.spectroline.com. — Spectronics Corporation