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Ideal Tape Goes Backless With 591 Self Wound FSK

March 1, 2008
table width="123" border="0" align="right"img src="/images/archive/79179idealjpg_00000051851.jpg" width="123" height="145" Unique 591 Self Wound FSK tape

Unique 591 Self Wound FSK tape has no release liner, making it easier to handle, faster to apply, and simple to clean up on the work site. New 591 Self Wound FSK winds on top of itself, not on a paper liner, so there is no liner trash to clean up on the job. Tough 591 Self Wound FSK provides a high performance bond for a strong, efficient moisture barrier. Rolls of 591 are light and compact, yet in standard industry lengths, to reduce fatigue when working overhead. Choose 591 Self Wound FSK to save time and money.

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