Change... An Invention of the Future

May 1, 2004
by Joseph A. Fristik, publisher ve found in recent travels, that HVAC is changing. By the time you read this, the smoke will have cleared on perhaps one

by Joseph A. Fristik, publisher

I’ve found in recent travels, that HVAC is changing. By the time you read this, the smoke will have cleared on perhaps one of the most momentous periods of change in recent HVAC years.

The increase in HVAC appliance efficiency standards is still reverb- erating through this industry. However, 13 SEER is here to stay. I’ve discovered that the contractors in this industry are nothing if not resourceful. They’ll adapt to the change, perhaps more quickly than most manufacturers.

The move toward green buildings, and concerns over building indoor air quality are but two drivers that are keeping mechanical contractors on their toes. The Engineering Green Buildings Conference, the first-ever national conference on green buildings for engineers and facility executives will be held in Cleveland, OH, July 20-23, 2004. (Get more information and register online at

Another year of record-high shipments of unitary air conditioners and heat pumps were reported through the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute.

The Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association reported increased shipments compared to 2002.

December 2003 brought the return of the Design/Build Seminar. The next will take place December 1 - 3, in Orlando, FL. Finding ways to enhance the mechanical delivery process for commercial buildings is reaching a crescendo.

The Internet continues to change not only your businesses, but ours as well. The Service Roundtable, an innovative online marketing provider for contractors just celebrated its 1,000,000th click. Our magazine business is growing rapidly with online publications and advertising. We’ve registered more than 10 million clicks on our website, www.contracting

On another note, a regular contributor, Matt Michel, president of Service Roundtable, will be sharing space with columnist Dominick Guarino on the magazine’s last page. Dominick and Matt have been writing exclusively for the magazine for years. You’ll continue to find their comments controversial and thought-provoking as each appears every other month.

Finally, a heads up: As we move into the summer awards season (the Quality Home Comfort Awards in July, the HVAC Woman of the Year in July, the Hall of Fame in August), we’re interested in your suggestions for all of our awards. Please don’t forget the Residential and Commercial Contractor of the Year. Please visit for details on how to nominate your company or someone you know.

Finally, while attending Carrier’s national dealer meeting I recall the comment of Geraud Darnis, Carrier president. He says, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Some things stay the same.