Bosch Product Facts

July 1, 2011
From outer space to the monitoring of volcanic activity, Bosch products can be found throughout the known universe.

Did you know that a Bosch product has traveled to and worked on Mars? Or that one of the company’s cameras has been monitoring volcanic activity on the rim of Mount Erebus crater in Antarctica for five years?

How about the fact that Bosch products and technologies have been used and involved in several Hollywood films including “Pirates of the Caribbean,” ”Jurrasic Park,” and “Titanic?”

Can you believe that on average, Bosch files 15 patents each day? Or that the company is involved in fuel cell technology research?

Did you know that Bosch is contributing to zero-energy homes (see the EcoPlus Home) to study the best way to save energy and even produce energy to give back to the grid?

Bosch Thermotechnologies Corp. President and CEO Ervin Cash says, “For us, green is part of the future. It translates into lower operating costs and at the end of the day the consumer can pay less and still have comfort.”

Just some interesting Bosch facts.