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    Lochinvar Names Winning Contractors

    April 9, 2009
    Another 12 VIP contractors will be invited to second installment in July.

    Lochinvar Corporation, Lebanon, TN recently awarded its first group of top-selling contractors with an all-expenses-paid trip to Tennessee for the inaugural VIP Extreme Event. Part of this year’s revamped VIP Contractor Program, this exciting new prize package is an enhanced version of the Nashville Experience awarded in the past.
    The 12 VIP Contractors with the highest sales of Lochinvar’s residential boiler lines - the KNIGHT®, Efficiency+® and Solution™ Heating Boilers – headed to Nashville for an action-packed adventure on Wednesday, April 1st – Friday, April 3rd. Another 12 top-selling VIP Contractors will be invited to take part in the second installment of the Extreme Event in July.
    On the first day of the trip, the winners took part in an advanced training session at Lochinvar's state-of-the-art facility, toured the manufacturing plant and attended a roundtable meeting with the engineering, technical service, sales and marketing teams. The second day’s activities took place at the Nashville Super Speedway, where the contractors had the opportunity to ride shotgun along with a professionally trained driver from the Andretti Gordon Racing School for three laps, experiencing speeds up to 150 mph!
    The following VIP Contractors attended the April event:

    • Joe Pomerleau, Jr. of Pomerleau’s Heating in Winslow, ME
    • Pascal Coache of Plomberie Normand in Montreal, Quebec
    • Will Kellermeier of Kellermeier Plumbing & Heating in Haskins, OH
    • Stan Kreider of Bellendir Mechanical in Brush, CO
    • Vinnie Scialli of Scialli Plumbing & Heating in Hicksville, NY
    • Adrian Ayers of Garden City Plumbing & Heating in Missoula, MT
    • Jack Mulcare of I Know Jack, LLC in Bonner, MT
    • Dale Bonnema of Magnum Plumbing, Inc. in Wayland, MI
    • Tom Slager of Royal Radiant Heat, Inc. in Holland, MI
    • Kevin Hart of Hart Plumbing & Heating in Gonic, NH
    • Matt Stensrud of Waldman Plumbing & Heating in Lynn, MA
    • Pete Cassidy of PAR Mechanical in Montrose, CO
    The second VIP Extreme Event will be held July 16-17. Participating contractors can log on to the VIP Connection ( www.lochinvar.com/vip) or mail in their registration cards until June 19th for their chance to get in on the action.