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    Tube Cutter With Retractable Wheel, Wide Rollers

    March 1, 2006
    img src="/images/archive/13654smrtprods0_00000006596.jpg" width="105" height="37" border="0" align="right"This premium tube cutter from Ritchie Engineering
    This premium tube cutter from Ritchie Engineering will cut copper, aluminum, and mild steel tubing. An enclosed, precision feed mechanism provides for easy, smooth cutting. Wide rollers with flare cut-off groove allow user to remove damaged flares quickly. Wheel retracts into cutter body to save 1-in. in cutting radius. A new, textured finish is easier to grip and hold with oily hands. Cutter is pinned rather than screwed into position, so it rotates in either direction without the screw backing out. Small (#60101 for 1 /8-in to 1- 1 /8-in. O.D.) and large (#60102, for up to 1- 5 /8-in. O.D.) sizes are available. Visit www.yellowjacket.com/cb or call 800/769-8370. — Ritchie Engineering, YELLOW JACKET ®Products Division