Tech Update

July 1, 2012
Commercial & Residential: Coil Cleaning Chemicals, Water Tower Agents, Odor Blocking Chemicals,Compressor System Cleaning Kits

DiversiTech’s Triple-D universal coil cleaner effectively cleans both indoor and outdoor coils. Triple-D removes dirt, oils and other material to restore efficiency and system performance. It’s metal safe and doesn’t attack aluminum or copper coil components, extending equipment life and diminishing the potential for refrigerant leaks.

The coil cleaner is available in an easy to mix concentrate, ready to use spray bottle, fast aerosol and convenient granular version.
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The TriClean 2x coil cleaner from Nu-Calgon, is a specially formulated chemistry paired with convenient packaging. TriClean 2x is designed with an integrated sprayer that allows the user to simply connect to hose, clean and rinse. This metal safe and biodegradable chemistry rapidly emulsifies insulating soils from the outdoor coil, restoring system efficiency.

Other products from Nu-Calgon include the Eco-Lyme descaler and Vital-Flo tankless water heater descaler kit.

Eco-Lyme is a uniquely powerful descaler with an excellent eco-profile, sources state. This descaler is suitable for variety of applications including cooling towers, boilers, processing equipment, evaporative coolers, and more. Eco-Lyme provides descaling performance similar to hydrochloric acid, but is a significantly safer option to hydrochloric acid for system metals – including stainless steel.

The Vital-Flo tankless water heater descaler kit is a complete service tool for descaling tankless hot water heaters. Vital-Flo quickly restores heat, flow and heater efficiency by dissolving scale to ensure end-user satisfaction in the investment. The kit consists of a 1/6 hp submersible descaler pump, a set of 5 ft. ¾-in. female hose threaded assemblies, and a formulated food-grade 8 ounce descaler solution packaged in a lidded four gallon chemical-resistant container.
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Acid-Away is a patented chemical treatment from Rectorseal, for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems that have experienced a burnout, or operating systems that are showing a buildup in acid content. It circulates quickly throughout the system and chemically neutralizes acids that are always left in an air conditioning or refrigeration system after a burnout occurs. Once neutralized, this acid can no longer continue its corrosive attack and cause another burnout. Acid-Away may be used in either hermetic or semi-hermetic compressors that operate with standard CFC or HCFC refrigerants using mineral oil and alkybenzene type refrigeration oils.

K.O. Dirt Blaster is a high pressure cleaner and degreaser for small condenser coils found in restaurant and food service refrigeration, air conditioners, electrical and mechanical equipment. It strips off dirt and cooking grease without a water rinse, and has a quick drying safety solvent with a pleasant scent.

CTT Tablets are 100% active, non-acidic, multi-purpose water treatment, which will prevent hard water mineral scale formation and both ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion. It suspends mud, dirt and silt, which can clog condenser tubes and spray nozzles. It also controls foaming. For systems up to 400 tons.
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The Flush-All kit is a total solution for system clean-up. Specifically developed to assist in HFC conversions (R-410A) and severe compressor burn¬outs in minimizing costly and frustrating service calls. The kit pairs high pressure solvent with a patented filter-drier that provides staged filtration.
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