• BAC: CTI Glycol Certification on Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

    March 13, 2009
    BAC offers Cooling Technology Institute glycol certification

    Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), Baltimore, MD, has announced that the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) has certified the thermal performance of BAC’s FXV, VF1 and VFL Closed Circuit Cooling Towers with both ethylene and propylene glycol as the process fluid. This is the first time CTI has certified the thermal performance of closed circuit cooling towers with fluids other than water.
    For more than 25 years, BAC sources report the company has led the evaporative cooling industry to require independent verification of thermal performance through the CTI Certification program. The value of having certified products is now widely recognized, they say.
    Today, CTI has a total of 43 certified products that are manufactured by 18 different manufacturers.
    For more information on the growth of the certification program, visit www.cti.org/downloads/2008CertificationSpeech.pdf.