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    Efficient Tankless Water Heater with Enhanced Versatility

    April 1, 2007
    img src="/images/archive/54919smartprods_00000030415.jpg" width="136" height="200" border="0" align="right"tankless water heater. The T-K3 is small 13.8
    tankless water heater. The T-K3 is small — 13.8 in. wide/40 lbs. — and can be recessed between two wall studs, making it virtually unnoticeable. The T-K3 is versatile in residential applications, and provides unlimited hot water continuously, with a maximum flow rate of 7.0 gpm. Up to four units can be connected together without an additional control box, to meet the hot water needs of larger homes. The T-K3 starts heating water at 0.5 GPM, has eight temperature settings, and doesn't require a separate remote control. Contact Takagi USA at 866/356-9190, or on the web at www.takagiusa.comTakagi USA