• Ingersoll Rand Looking for HVAC Experts

    Dec. 9, 2010
    Worldwide positions include sales service engineers and HVAC technicians.

    Ingersoll-Rand announced plans to hire 1,400 HVAC experts in all regions of the world to accelerate growth for its Trane High Performance Buildings business.

    The growth will address the rising global demand for advanced services that enhance energy efficiency and comfort in commercial buildings. Available positions include service sales engineers, controls sales specialists, turnkey and performance contracting sales specialists, technical parts and heating experts, HVAC and controls technicians.

    “High Performance Buildings are one of the fastest growing parts of our business,” says Larry G. Wash, president of global services for the Climate Solutions sector of Ingersoll Rand. “To meet the existing global need, we look forward to expanding our team of talented professional building and HVAC experts who can help building owners implement the right products, services and technologies to make their facilities more energy and operationally efficient.”

    Sources reports that Trane High Performance Buildings are designed to help occupant or building owners achieve their business missions. They're constructed using a methodology that combines financial, operating and energy analysis with specialized service offerings and available financing. This comprehensive, strategic approach enables building owners to incorporate the right mix of technology and services, maximize their return on investment and ultimately, create an ideal indoor environment that is sustainable, environmentally responsible and good for business.

    “We approach buildings and efficiency from a different perspective – we know integrated HVAC systems,” says Johnny Brown, service and solutions sales manager for Trane in California. “We look beyond individual components, such as lighting, building envelope and solar, and evaluate how all of the complex systems can perform better together,”

    According to a U.S. Department of Energy study, turning existing buildings into high performance buildings can reduce energy usage by 16%. With millions of existing buildings around the world, Ingersoll Rand is committed to helping its customers reduce their overall energy consumption and costs. Along with providing innovative products, services and technologies that help customers achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability objectives, Ingersoll Rand has set and publicly announced its own aggressive sustainability goals, which include reducing its rate of energy use by 25% by 2019.

    To view the company’s most recent Sustainability Report, visit www.ingersollrand.com/sustainability. For more information on the positions available, please visit www.irco.com/careers