• York Adds Coaching Conferences to Net.Prophet Online Learning Tool

    April 1, 2004
    York International Corporations Unitary Products Group, Norman, OK is expanding its online learning opportunities for Liberties dealers by adding 100

    York International Corporation’s Unitary Products Group, Norman, OK is expanding its online learning opportunities for Liberties™ dealers by adding 100 Coaching Conferences to York’s Net.Prophet online learning program.

    York Liberties dealers who are enrolled in Net.Prophet may, for a nominal charge, participate in a series of one-hour live Internet broadcasts. The interactive Web sessions will address best practices associated with 17 defined subject areas, including sales and marketing principles, administrative practices, technology tips, customer service and production support, management and financial principles, and installation practices.

    “Net.Prophet is a dynamic, comprehensive online HVAC business solutions library that encourages the independence and success of our Liberties dealers,” says Andy Fracica, York brand marketing manager. “With the addition of the Coaching Conferences, we are extending to our dealers carefully structured training sessions that afford them the opportunity to ask questions of industry experts on specific best practices.”

    Following the live broadcast, each of the Coaching Conferences will be archived on the Net.Prophet Web site, so dealers who are unable to participate in the original broadcast can access them at a later date.

    Net.Prophet is backed by prominent members of the HVAC industry, including founders Gary Elekes, Dean Ferrara and Andrew Allen, as well as Ron Smith, Dr. Ron Collier, Wayne Atkins, Pat McCormick, Vicki and John LaPlant, Adams Hudson, Kevin Comerford and CPA Robert Glasgow.

    For more information, visit www.yorkupg.com.