• Tech Update

    July 1, 2011
    Commercial Rooftops: Dual-Fuel, Built-Up, Central Station Heat Pumps & AC Equipment
    Residential: Controls & Thermostats, Zone & Solar Controls


    A seismic-compliant package is now available on WeatherMaker 3- to 25-ton rooftop models. This optional package ensures that the equipment meets the requirements for seismic events in accordance with the California Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development (OSHPD). WeatherMaker equipment with the optional, installed seismic package meets International Building Code, California Building Code, and ASCE 7 seismic qualification requirements in concurrence with ICC ES AC156 Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Qualification by Shake Table Testing of Nonstructural Components and Systems.
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    Suitable for ground-level or rooftop installations and horizontal or downflow applications, the CPC series is built to offer long-term reliability and easy-to-access service from a single point of entry. All units feature a common curb to simplify installation. Available in 7.5- to 12.5-ton capacities, these units deliver EERs of up to 11.5. All CPC units use high-efficiency scroll compressors, R-410A refrigerant, copper tube/aluminum fin coils, high-capacity steel-cased filter dryers, built-in filter racks, a 24-volt terminal strip, a sloped drain pan, and a heavy-gauge, galvanized steel cabinet.
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    This packaged make-up air unit provides an option for an integral air-cooled packaged DX cooling system specifically for kitchen applications. The system, available in 100% outside air and variable volume airflow configurations, is designed to cool the make-up air to a 70F to 75F supply air temperature to provide additional comfort for the kitchen staff, enhancing employee productivity at an economical first cost.
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    The Energence rooftop unit line features efficiencies up to 17.0 SEER and 12.8 EER. These units are designed to help buildings qualify for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, with features such as the Prodigy unit controller that helps verify installation and performance of unit accessories and the Humiditrol dehumidification system that removes excess humidity. The SunSource system is available for 3-to 5-ton solar-ready units as a factory-installed option.
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    R6GP Series packaged gas/electric units are rated at 11.2EER and are available in capacities of 6-tons, 7.5-tons, and 10-tons. All use ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant. The units fit most standard rooftop applications and can be adapted for exceptions or converted to horizontal airflow with a kit. They feature a full perimeter base rail system with rigging holes and forklift slots on three sides. R6GP models come with a one-year commercial parts warranty, a five-year limited compressor warranty, and a 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty.
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    The iHybrid™ packaged system combines the electric heating and cooling convenience of a heat pump with a gas-heat furnace. The iHybrid achieves 15 SEER, 12 EER, 80% AFUE and 8.0 HSPF. The dual-fuel unit features four-stage heating capability and two-stage cooling with a variable-speed blower. It operates at lower capacity during mild temperatures and at full capacity during harsher ones, reducing electrical consumption by almost 80% compared to conventional products. The iHybrid can be rooftop- or slab-mounted, and is available in capacities of 2- to 5-tons.
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    Modular Air Processing System (MAPS®) units are specifically designed to meet the requirements dictated by ASHRAE Standards 62.1-2010, 90.1-2010 and 189.2009. These systems are designed to handle extreme weather conditions from -20F thru 115F. They also are tested using the new AHRI 920 ventilation unit testing criteria.
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    The Package Value Line of commercial package gas/electric and package air-conditioning units are available in capacities ranging from 6-tons to 20-tons. The Package Value Line is designed to serve the price-sensitive commercial package unit replacement market segment. The line leads the industry in unit weight, size, capacity, airflow, and R-410 charge weight. The line is also optimized to meet the federal requirements of EER at or near nominal capacities and airflow.
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    The Amana® brand digital ComfortNet™ Control System continuously monitors indoor/outdoor component performance to provide rapid diagnosis and adjustments. An exclusive “Call for Service” diagnostic indicator alerts homeowners. Just four wires connect ComfortNet to a compatible heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner.
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    The Model 8600 is the newest offering of control products from Aprilaire. It provides intuitive touch screen technology with real-language installer set-up in a large 10.3-sq. in backlit display.

    The Model 8800 communicating thermostat be remotely controlled through a standard computer.
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    Braeburn has released three all new Touchscreen Thermostats Designed for both new and retrofit installations, each model ships with an energy saving 7 day program and SpeedSet™, but can be quickly configured to 5-2 or non-programmable mode. Additional features include optional auto-changeover, and adjustable set point limits.
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    The Echelon™ Communicating Control from the Coleman® brand of HVAC products from Johnson Controls combines high-definition touch screen technology with an intuitive, graphically-driven interface for maximum system efficiency and revolutionary comfort control.

    The Communicating Control features a high-definition, customizable touch screen display that allows a contractor to tailor control preferences for each customer and program maintenance reminders that prominently display the contractor’s contact information.
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    White-Rodgers, a business division of Emerson Electric Co. announces a new addition to its Emerson Blue™ thermostat line, the Emerson Blue Easy Install™ Thermostat. The new model will easily upgrade single stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems using the existing four wires, sources say.

    The new 4-Wire Thermostat Solution will be available in two models; the1F98EZ-1421, and the1F98EZ-1441.
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    Honeywell introduces the Prestige® IAQ, a complete multi-stage system and IAQ control that installs with two wires. The two-piece design includes the thermostat and an equipment interface module (EIM) and communicates with each other using proven Honeywell RedLINK™ wireless technology.
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    Johnson Controls
    Source 1 Parts has introduced CTS Series thermostats, featuring an 8 sq.in. high-resolution color touch-screen display. An optional SD card enables remote setup and programming via the companion CTS Assistant software. CTS Assistant can also be used to upload dealer logo and contact information, custom wallpaper images, and up to 100 custom screensaver photos. It also features up to 4 stages of heating and 2 stages of cooling, dual fuel control, up to 7-day programming, and many more capabilities.
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    Mitsubishi Electric
    Mitsubishi Electric announces that it will incorporate Honeywell’s RedLINK™ wireless HVAC protocol into Mitsubishi Electric’s line of split-ductless and ducted heat pumps. The RedLINK-enabled split-ductless system is designed to maximize comfort and reduce energy costs.
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    Schneider Electric
    The Wiser Energy management system is a comprehensive demand management solution for utilities and consumers that allows homeowners to reduce or shift energy use during peak times. Included is the Wiser Smart thermostat, a programmable thermostat that communicates usage and pricing alerts via changing color screens.
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    The ComfortLink II Thermostat’s 7-in. interactive, high-definition color touch screen provides consumers with an intuitive user interface, allowing them to control and provide their home with the ideal temperature and humidity, 24/7. With a customizable screen feature, homeowners are able to program as much information as they want to see on their thermostat, including the status of their indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity, and individual room temperatures.
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    Venstar® announced the launch of ColorTouch™, the multi-functional, programmable, touchscreen thermostat. ColorTouch has customizable backgrounds, including the users’ own photos, and helps users monitor and manage their energy usage. Compatible with virtually every type of heating and air conditioning system, ColorTouch is available now through Venstar distributors and contractors nationwide.
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