• Solar a Hot Topicat AHR Expo

    Nov. 15, 2010
    Includes products on the show floor, 10 solar seminars, and United Association demo trailer.

    Solar products, trends and technologies and their role in the HVACR marketplace will take center stage at the 2011 AHR Expo in Las Vegas, January 31– February 2.

    In addition to many new solar products on display, there will be more than a dozen seminars focused on solar topics, as well as demonstrations of solar technology, provided throughout the three days of the world’s largest HVACR exposition and conference.

    “Solar is one of the fastest-growing segments of the many sustainable technologies featured at the Show,” sysd Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Company, which produces and manages the AHR EXPO.

    “At least 54 companies we know of will be featuring solar products. ASHRAE and other leading industry organizations have created special solar educational sessions for AHR Expo, and the UA Green Trailer will be providing ongoing solar demonstrations,” Stevens says.

    ASHRAE will be offering 10 solar-focused sessions ranging from a Forum on ‘The Role of Solar and Other Renewable Energy Sources in Strategic Energy Planning’ to several seminars on such topics as ‘Integrating Solar and Hydronic Heating for Residential and Small Commercial Systems’. The International Energy Agency (IEA) will be conducting a ‘Solar Cooling Workshop’, and PM Live will be offering two sessions dealing with Hydronic Design for Solar Thermal and Hydronic Heat Pump Systems.

    More information is available on all these sessions at http://www.ashrae.org/events/page/2650

    UA Presentations
    The United Association (UA) will be demonstrating solar energy production and storage, as well as solar water heating, in its Sustainable Technologies Demonstration Training (Green) Trailer on the show floor. Designed to highlight sustainable systems that could be included in a USGBC LEED® Green Building Certification System Platinum Rated Building, the trailer is fully functional and interactive so AHR Expo attendees can experience the systems‘ proper installation and operation http://www.ua.org/trailers.asp