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    CB Hall of Fame -- Mitchell Cropp

    Aug. 27, 2007
    img src="/images/archive/70472hallfame01_00000046065.jpg" width="167" height="200" border="0" align="right"Fairfax, VA based Cropp-Metcalfe is one of
    Fairfax, VA based Cropp-Metcalfe is one of the nation's premier air conditioning contracting companies. Established in 1979, the company's mission has always been to provide the ultimate in total comfort systems for homes and businesses. Superior quality and service has fueled constant growth, making Cropp-Metcalfe one of the largest heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contractors in the Washington Metropolitan area today.

    At the helm of this shining example in HVAC contracting is Mitchell Cropp,this year's inductee into the Contracting Business Hall of Fame.

    Always a Giver
    What makes Mitch Cropp so successful,and so special, is his good-hearted nature. He's always willing to give of himself and share his knowledge with those who care to listen — knowledge that has helped him turn Cropp-Metcalfe into the premier company it is today.

    Legendary consultant Matt Michel, CEO of The Service Roundtable, had this to say about Mitch's giving nature.

    "Givers are the most active in their trade associations, most active in their communities, and most giving in general. They are usually the most successful. Givers do not suddenly 'arrive' and become charitable. They were always that way. They always gave, even when they didn't have a lot. They give much, receive much, and over time, have plenty.

    "Mitch Cropp is a giver. He operates one of the most successful contracting companies in the country. A past National Chairman of Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Mitch is known for being one of the most open people in his industry."

    Michel also points out that Mitch will help anyone,even his competitors. To Mitch, when he helps others, he inevitably learns something, gains, or otherwise benefits. His own gain is not his motive for helping. It just happens.

    Mitch's nature is summed up perfectly in his company's number one goal: Customers for life.

    Because the company was built on, and continues to provide high quality service, products, and complete customer satisfaction since 1979, Mitch is proud to boast tens of thousands of systems under contract, with more than 90% of his residential and commercial contract customers renewing every year. Of course, not that he would boast — he's too humble for that.

    Commitment to the Trade
    As Michel said, givers are the most active in their trade associations. Mitch has certainly done his share of giving back in that way, too. In addition being a past-president of the National Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), Mitch has earned the following distinctions — a short list of all he has done for the industry and his community:
    • ACCA past-president of the National Capital, Chairman of the Industry Relations Committee
    • Alliance for Fair Utility Competition, past-president
    • Arthur Anderson and Washington Business Journal Fast Track Award
    • Carrier Corporation distinguished dealer, outstanding Carrier dealer
    • Excellence Alliance Residential Contractor of the Year, Member of the Year, Jim Norris Visionary award
    • Metro Washington Heat Pump Association, pastpresident.

    Loyalty to His Own
    Perhaps Mitch's biggest contribution throughout his career has been his willingness to take care of his employees, always treating them like family.

    In his own words, Mitch is aware of one of the biggest challenges this industry faces.

    "Finding and hiring enough trained people will be our biggest challenges," Mitch says. "We can generate enough work, but can't get it done."

    That's why Mitch has created a unique open-door policy at Cropp-Metcalfe. He has a focus toward keeping and training the people he has, and making them feel comfortable and wanted. His employees believe that they have more than jobs — they have careers.

    He's made it his personal mission to show the industry that there is a better way, and that we should be promoting the good things about the industry instead of expanding on the negatives.

    Certainly, one very good thing about this industry is people like Mitchell Cropp.