TDIndustries to Represent Toxin Detection System

Jan. 21, 2010
Dallas-based TDIndustries has agreed to become the exclusive Authorized Service Provider and Distributor for Texas and Arizona for the first complete chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) detection system.

Building Protection Systems, Inc. (BPSI), the developers of the first complete Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) detection system to actively and reliably protect buildings, mass transit stations, stadiums, and public events from airborne toxins, announced today that TDIndustries, Dallas, TX has agreed to become the exclusive Authorized Service Provider and Distributor for Texas and Arizona.

TDIndustries will represent and install BPSI’s complete Sentry One line of active CBRN detection and identification systems to protect millions of office workers and critical infrastructure locations throughout Texas and the South.

According to TDIndustries’ Rob Crisler, senior manager of building systems integration, “Intelligent buildings today should be safe buildings, and we believe BPSI’s breakthrough technology is the ideal solution to provide protection to buildings and the people within them against targeted airborne chemical and radiological attacks, or accidental contamination. We are excited to be taking the lead in offering these mission critical detection solutions for our customers.” TDIndustries has completed many high-profile stadium and commercial office projects in the region.

Says Greg Eiler, CEO of BPSI, “TDIndustries is the region’s recognized leader in mechanical construction, facilities operations, building automation and systems integration services. Partnering with TDIndustries supports our goals of rapidly hardening American businesses and public gathering places against the catastrophic outcome of a CBRN terrorist attack or accidental release.”

BPSI’s Sentry One Products are US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated and have been protecting Fortune 100 office buildings in the New York market for more than 22 months in the absence of false alarms, an unheard of feat in the detection industry.

The Sentry One line also includes the Metro Sentry One for protecting airports and transit stations, Alpha Sentry One for protecting smaller buildings and schools, and the Mobile Sentry One trailer system for protecting the public at secure special events.