• The 17 Greatest Sales Closes of All Time, Part 4

    Nov. 1, 2005
    s time to take your sales closing ability to a new level with the 17 greatest sales closes of all time. In this editon, we'll cover the secrets of the

    It’s time to take your sales closing ability to a new level with the 17 greatest sales closes of all time. In this editon, we'll cover the secrets of the "Something Special Close" and the "Last Chance Close."

    Great Sales Close #7: The Something Special Close

    The Something Special Close works as it makes the customer feel special by offering them something above and beyond what anyone else normally receives to consummate the deal today.

    Something special may consist of any “ace card” you have withheld up till this point or you know is within your negotiability range, such as:

    • A free digital thermostat upgrade or a free whole house humidifier
    • An extended 5 year parts and labor warranty
    • A free maintenance agreement plan
    • A free humidifier or dehumidifier
    • A free ozone/UV/IAQ device or service.

    Choose something that will appeal to the customer, perhaps an even almost “too good to be true” item on top of what you’ve already packed into the deal. In other words, you want to have stacked yet another benefit in favor of your customer so that he or she is over any apprehension.

    Let the customer know that this is special, and that by working together, you achieve a win-win situation.
    Enhance this close by giving reasons for offering such a special value and always, always ask permission to offer them something special to look at, if you have already been told that they want to wait or are getting other estimates. Why?

    By asking permission to offer customers a special value, you eliminate being accused of high-pressuring them. Just make sure to also say, “If you don’t want this value today, I can cross it off and you’ll still have a great deal to try and compare to other bids.”

    You know the other bids will be of less value than yours, especially when they look at all the benefits. However, many customers don’t want to give back the “something special” once you’ve offered it . . . which, of course, results in your sale. Job well done.

    The Something Special Close sets you apart, and it sets them apart from your competitive bids. They’re getting a nice bonus, and you’re accommodating them very politely.

    Great Sales Close #8: The Last Chance Close

    The Last Chance Close indicates a pending event that will disallow a sale or special price to continue. It may be time, quantity, price or a combination. This is often reflective of a marketing offer (highly recommended) that is running at the same time. The consumer may have called from the offer, so your reinforcement only aids in the sale.

    When presenting information to a customer, always use this close to prevent them from “shopping ‘til they drop” if they want the special value you are going to present. A sale doesn't last forever and neither does equipment that has been acquired through a special purchase.

    Remind your potential customers right up front of your limiting factors, such as:

    • “We have 6 months same as cash running through this Friday.”
    • “There are only seven or so of these systems at last year’s price.”
    • “This is the last shipment we’re getting until (DATE).”
    • “There are no more in your size at this price.”
    • “Free 10 year parts and labor ends this week.”

    Whatever the limiting factor is, repeat it during the presentation.

    Let them know, the prices (systems, special) you are showing them now are simply based upon availability. This is shown in your written material, or the actual ad, or by a call to the office to check availability to be sure you can complete the deal.

    Recently, I was in a restaurant and overheard the waitress tell customers, “We have only four pieces of cherry pie left in case you want to be thinking about it.” In a few moments, three of the four people at the table ordered the cherry pie.

    At the next table, she said, “I’m down to my last piece of cherry pie and…” Before she could complete the sentence, a lady blurted out, “I’ll take it!” and then graciously offered to split it with her now snickering tablemates. When the waitress left, the lady who ordered it said, “I don’t even like cherry pie that much!” True story, and it illustrates the Last Chance close well.

    By continually reminding your customer that this special circumstance with these prices simply won’t last for long, you’ll create an urgency helping provoke positive reaction now, instead of negative procrastination.
    Remember . . . this may be their last chance!

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