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Nov. 1, 2010
On these pages, Contracting Business provides information on products, trends, and business management for commercial refrigeration contractors

On these pages, Contracting Business provides information on products, trends, and business management for commercial refrigeration contractors

Anti-Condensate Controller Maintains Case Efficiency
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., has enhanced the Control Link Anti-Condensate Controller (ACC), an advanced controller for refrigeration case heaters designed to ensure anti-condensate heaters are activated only when necessary. The Control Link ACC is now equipped to control a larger variety of cases and provide compliance with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. The new model also offers ease of installation with new quick connect terminals and a smaller physical size.

The Control Link ACC is used in full- and half-height glass door refrigeration cases. It modulates heaters to maintain a case's surface temperature just above the ambient dewpoint. This advanced level of control minimizes refrigeration case condensation and delivers up to 70% greater energy savings than controllers that rely on store dewpoint alone, sources report. Updates to the Control Link ACC also meet requirements for compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RHS) legislation. The new, smaller size of the Control Link ACC allows it to be easily installed on a variety of locations, including the case’s doorframe and electrical runs. The Control Link ACC can be used as a stand-alone device, or as a component networked to Emerson’s Intelligent Store architecture, an integrated suite of products proven to improve maintenance, energy and operational savings. - Emerson Climate Technologies Circle 182

Star Refrigeration/Core Enterprises Collaborate to Market CO2 Leak Detector
Star Refrigeration of the United Kingdom and Core Enterprises, Inc., Coral Springs, FL will co-distribute Core Enterprises' AccuTools™ eL-720 carbon dioxide (CO2) leak detector. Core Enterprises is a manufacturing and technology company specialising in innovative, high quality instruments for several markets, including the HVACR industry. The eL-720CO2 leak detector is run with Core's patented infrared cell, which has an "indefinite: life expectency. The Accu-Tools el-720 provides fully automatic low power requirements, small size, and high sensitivity for a tool that's easy to handle and effective at locating even the most difficult–to–find leaks, Star sources report. The eL-720 is a stable unit n many environments. Star reports it will deliver no false alarms due to cross-sensitivities. The eL-720’s long-life sensor will detect concentrations of CO2 as low as 400 ppm over ambient. False alarms are eliminated due to its high selectivity.

Additional features include:

  • lightweight, ergonomic design
  • simple, one button operation
  • two sensitivity modes
  • visual and audible leak detection signal
  • low-battery indicator.

— Star Refrigeration/Core Enterprises
Circle 183