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High Efficiency Boilers

July 1, 2008
img src="/images/archive/81314aercoboile_00000053521.jpg" alt="" width="103" height="174" align="right"s two- and three million-BTU/hr. Benchmark boilers

AERCO’s two- and three million-BTU/hr. Benchmark boilers reduce total project and lifecycle costs while delivering energy efficiency, quiet acoustics and lower operating costs. Each unit comes fully assembled and fits through 30-in. doorways. The units occupy a small footprint and can be installed with zero sidewall clearance. Removable enclosure panels and rear access to all piping simplifies lifetime maintenance. The condensing boilers feature best-in-class 20:1 and 15:1 turndown for an unmatched range of non-cycling operation. Contact AERCO at 800/526-0288 or visit