Tech Update

Sept. 1, 2010
Commercial & Residential Air Distribution


Greenheck's new Air Measuring Damper (AMD) series combines an accurate airflow measuring station and a low leakage damper into one compact assembly that both measures and regulates airflow volumes to a target set-point. The AMD series is compatible with a field-supplied controller or a factory-supplied LON controller. The series includes four models: AMD-23 featuring a 3V blade control damper; AMD-33 incorporating a fabricated airfoil blade control damper; AMD-42 constructed with an extruded airfoil blade control damper; and AMD-42V featuring a vertical extruded airfoil blade control damper. circle 154

Lennox introduces its T-Class™ split systems. The T-Class line of split systems features compact indoor units no more than 30-in. wide to fit through standard 32-in. doorways and come fully assembled.

According to company sources, a good match for the T-Class 6- to 20-ton air conditioners and heat pumps is the TAA air handler. Factory-provided thermostatic expansion valves and easy refrigerant line access help reduce installation time, while multiple circuit coils offer 50/50 face split two-stage capacity operation for increased comfort (available with 7.5- to 20-ton models).

TAA air handlers are designed to work with other T-Class components, which include TSA condensing units and TPA condensing heat pumps, to provide higher performance and efficiency to help businesses reduce operational costs. circle 155

McQuay's Fan Array for Vision™ Indoor Air Handlers offers multiple fan combinations for increased flexibility. By incorporating an array of smaller fans in place of one large fan, McQuay's Fan Array reduces footprint size, noise and maintenance, while providing redundancy and design air-flow for critical installations, sources say. Ideal for replacement projects, the fan array section can be disassembled into smaller components for easier service. circle 156

Unison Comfort
Innovent, a business of Unison Comfort Technologies, now offers factory water piping on air handling units which include water source heat pumps. This option includes inlet strainers, shut-off valves, balancing valves and head pressure control valves all piped to a single header. Benefits of this integrated approach include:

  • Rigorous quality control through work being done in the factory environment
  • Greater reliability achieved by enabling fully-operational factory-run-testing
  • Quick and easy connection to water main for the installing contractor. circle 157


The multi-position, variable-speed Amana brand AEPF air handler is designed for both R-22 refrigerant and R-410A refrigerant. All functional parts are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. The Amana brand AEPF has up to 14 airflow settings for optimized CFM and the unit is compatible with heat pumps and variable-capacity cooling units. To ensure the premium quality of this unit, it is run tested before shipment and is subject to a variety of leak tests and quality checks as the unit is manufactured. circle 158

American Standard
American Standard introduces the AccuClean whole home air cleaner with AccuLinkTM technology. According to company sources, the AccuClean whole home air cleaner removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles and allergens from a home's filtered air. The AccuClean is up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-in. filter. With the new communicating technology, AccuClean with AccuLink can operate in either communicating or 24-volt mode. Auto configuration and auto set-up can be done using the AccuLink 900 control.

AccuClean with AccuLink technology offers:

  • Operation in either communicating or 24 volt mode
  • Auto configuration and auto set-up with AccuLink 900 control
  • Filter timer re-set flexibility. circle 159

Carrier introduces the Infinity® air purifier, an indoor air quality (IAQ) product for the residential market. According to company sources, the Infinity air purifier captures and kills airborne allergens, bacteria, molds and viruses from treated air. It combines superior filtration efficiency with pathogen-killing technology to deliver maximum air purification against airborne germs and allergens with optimal comfort for homeowners. The Infinity air purifier improves indoor air quality while maintaining the efficiency, reliability and performance of the Infinity system by Carrier, sources say.

The device purifies the air in a three-step process. First, precision-point ionization charges particles in the air entering the device. Second, the charged particles are captured on a unique media cartridge. Finally, using ion bombardment and an electric current flow, the media kills captured pathogens, such as airborne tuberculosis bacteria, aspergillus and other fungal spores, pneumonia bacteria, and even the virus that causes measles. Since 100% of the air passing through the furnace or air conditioner is treated by the Infinity air purifier, most of the air in the home will be treated as often as three to eight times per hour when used as part of a complete Infinity system. circle 160

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Field Controls
Field Controls has developed a new system designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 62.2 for fresh air changes in residential housing. The FAS fresh air system uses patented technology to engage the central system blower fan to bring fresh air into the home as needed. In addition to increasing fresh air changes, the system improves air circulation, providing better temperature and humidity control and reducing energy costs, sources say.

Two components make up the FAS: the fresh air control and the fresh air damper. The fresh air control is programmed by the installer, based on the square footage and number of inhabitants in the house. Once set up, it automatically opens the fresh air damper on a regular schedule to allow fresh air to enter the plenum where it is mixed with conditioned air and circulated through the home. It conserves energy by utilizing the central fan during the heating/cooling cycles of the system. The fresh air damper includes a heavy-duty motor to rotate the damper blade when opening and closing. circle 161

The Goodman AVPTC air handler is ComfortNettm compatible and is covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty. This multi-position, variable-speed unit is designed for R-410A refrigerant and is available in 1.5 – 5 ton capacities. The AVPTC air handler offers a low CFM for efficient fan-only operation. To enhance the durability of this unit a factory-installed TXV is includeded. The entire unit is factory sealed to optimize its performance. The Goodman AVPTC air handler is run tested before shipment and is subject to a variety of leak tests and quality checks as the unit is manufactured. circle 162

Hart & Cooley
Hart & Cooley, Inc, introduces an electronic air cleaner under its Smart air & energy solutionsTM brand.

This new electronic air cleaner is MERV 16 equivalent with the ability to generate 24,000 volts DC of cleaning power to remove up to 99% of respirable particles from a home’s air.

The Smart EAC operates at a low static pressure and has high dust loading potential. This optimizes air flow and can increase blower efficiency. The Smart EAC is available in a filter grille mount design with 22 sizes, a furnace mount design with cabinet for new installations, and with a retrofit track for installations into existing cabinets. circle 163

TrueBreeze™ balanced ventilation systems eliminate the need for overhead ducting and balance without adjusting dampers, significantly reducing – and simplifying – installation, company sources report. The removable duct collars allow contractors to connect the ductwork to the collars away from the unit before it is hung. Adjustable hanging straps make it easier for the contractor to raise, lower and level the unit into place. All TrueBreeze wiring is done from the integrated control box, which is also used to control operation and speed. The TrueBreeze is Energy Star rated and meets ASHRAE 62.2 standards. circle 164

Panasonic announces the expansion of its WhisperGreen® line of premium ventilation fans, with the addition of two new WhisperGreen-Lite™ models. Designed for 4-in. ducts, the new energy efficient WhisperGreen-Lite FV-08VKML2 and FV-08VKSL2 models feature built-in variable speed controls that range from 0 – 80 (CFM) and a built-in delay timer that can be pre-set up to 60-min.

The low speed controls on the 80 CFM models can be pre-set to 0, 30 – 70 CFMs. When the fan is activated, it boosts up to the high speed of 80 CFM and after a pre-determined time period, the fan returns the pre-set low speed operation. Other advantages of the new models include ultra-quiet operation with noise levels of less than 0.3 sones, two 18-Watt compact fluorescent Energy Star® qualified light bulbs, and a nightlight feature (4-watt bulb). Also, the new WhisperGreen-Lite models now provide homeowners with the ability to use the fan for spot or continuous ventilation. circle 165

Commercial and Residential

Jackson Systems
Wireless Zone One™ damper assemblies are designed to prevent overheating and overcooling of individual zones within a commercial building or residence. The WZ1-T™ is a battery powered, auto-changeover thermostat that communicates via an RF wireless data link to a damper control module located on the Wireless Zone One™ damper.

Wireless Zone One™ damper assemblies include the thermostat, control module, and the damper. An automatic changeover duct sensor located on the damper senses whether there is warm air or cool air in the branch supply duct. If the WZ1-T™ thermostat is calling for cooling and the duct sensor determines there is cool air in the duct, the damper will power open; otherwise, the damper will remain closed. If the thermostat is calling for heating and the duct sensor determines there is warm air in the duct, the damper will power open; otherwise, the damper will remain closed. The relay control module has LED indication to confirm mode of operation and damper position. circle 166

RenewAire introduces its fifth generation energy recovery ventilation (ERV) core. According to company sources, the new G5 core provides over 22% more humidity transfer at AHRI summer design conditions.

The G5 core provides a reduced pressure drop making it among the lowest for static-plate energy recovery ventilators. The exhaust air transfer is certified 0.0% at balanced pressure and the G5 core passes UL 723 with less than 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed rating. The laminar flow over the entire operating range results in no particulate accumulation and simple maintenance of once-a-year face vacuuming. Gas phase water transfer means no condensation and no active defrost required in any climate. The competitively priced G5 core is structurally stable, resistant to biological growths and covered by a 10-year warranty. circle 167

Tjernlund Products
Tjernlund Products offers a wide range of in-line draft inducers. The inducers boost the draft or exhaust in chimneys serving boilers, water heaters and process equipment. The most common reasons for installing inducers are: ensuring negative draft and compensating for downdrafts, negative building pressures, undersized flues or long horizontal vent connectors.

Inducers are available for inputs from 25,000 to 5,300,000 BTU/hr. Typical accessories include a UC1 Universal Control and PS1505 fan proving switch that interlocks with burner circuits. LED status/diagnostics simplify new installations and service calls. circle 168