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June 1, 2011
Sources at Danfoss announced on May 4 that John Galyen had been named president of Danfoss North America, after nine years in a variety of upper level management positions with the company.

New Danfoss President Galyen: Strengthen Brand, Improve Responsiveness

Sources at Danfoss announced on May 4 that John Galyen had been named president of Danfoss North America, after nine years in a variety of upper level management positions with the company.

An immediate goal of Galyen and Danfoss — a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency electronic and mechanical components and controls — is to reshape the North American president’s role, and to strengthen its influence on how divisions function, both internally, and in their interaction with customers.

Robert Wilkins, most recently president, Danfoss U.S./Canada, and someone who Galyen has worked closely with at Danfoss, has accepted the position of vice president, public affairs. Himself a well-known leader in the HVACR industry, Wilkins will strengthen the company's focus on industry and public affairs — a critical role that ensures Danfoss' leadership in the policy community and industry groups in North America.

In an interview with editors, Galyen said these changes will help Danfoss improve its service to customers, and make better use of employee talents.

"Initially our focus will be on internal operational alignment," Galyen said. "But our divisions have very strong and very clear initiatives for continuous improvement in all critical business aspects. This includes quality and logistics processes that will greatly impact all of our customers.

"This change is meant to strengthen our relationship to the market in general, with customers, as well as industry associations," he said. "This will be done in a way that will help the company better serve its customers and optimize operations, while putting even greater strategic focus on growth in North America. North America is our largest market, and it has significant growth potential. Our largest HVAC original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers are based here, so it’s important that we chart a course that will help us meet the challenges of this unique market, and take advantage of opportunities it presents."

Externally, Galyen said a driving corporate theme will be to present the company as "one Danfoss," with improved branding continuity. Improved consistency in Danfoss product branding will be most visible to HVACR contractors, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) whose products employ Danfoss components.

"We'll be more engaged with the senior managers of our large OEM customers, and to our North American wholesalers," Galyen told

Galyen will chair a new North American Regional Management Team of representatives from each division of Danfoss North America. He will report to a board consisting of the company’s chief operating officer and division presidents, chaired by Leif Flojgaard, president, Danfoss Commercial Compressors.

York YMC2 Chiller Earns Seismic Certification Preapproval in CA

The California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) has given OSHPD Special Seismic Certification Preapproval to the York YMC2 large-tonnage, water-cooled chiller,

The designation certifies that approved equipment will function after an earthquake of a specified level. To earn the preapproval, several models within the product line were required to successfully demonstrate functional operation after a shaker-table test, which simulates an earthquake.

York chillers were tested on both neoprene pads for rigid-mount applications, as well as springs for above-grade applications.

In 2004, Johnson Controls was the first company to successfully complete the shaker-table test with a large-tonnage, water-cooled chiller. The test was held at the Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory (SEESL) University of Buffalo test lab. The test verified the reliability of the York product design. Johnson Controls also has Special Seismic Certification Preapproval for a wide range of products, including air handling and air conditioning units HVAC control panels, security panels, and fire safety equipment.

Building Advice Helps Contractor Document Energy Savings

Energy efficiency enhancements made to an adult rehabilitation center/child daycare facility are the subject of a new whitepaper by BuildingAdvice, the commercial division of AirAdvice.

The improvements were engineered by the energy service division of J.E. Shekell, Inc., a residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC contractor based in Evansville, IN.

The Evansville Adult Rehabilitation Center (EARC) is a 36-year-old facility. A pneumatic control system was antiquated and outdated, and occupants were battling many comfort issues, such as wide temperature swings and temperature variances between spaces. EARC officials’ top priority was to quantify what utility bill energy savings could be achieved with equipment upgrades.

Aaron Derr, J.E Shekell’s engineer in charge of the project, conducted a BuildingAdvice Energy Audit, which benchmarked the building to have an EnergyStar score of 26 on a scale of one to 100. He then proposed $200,000 in HVAC project work, which included the installation of the BuildingAdvice Verify — an ongoing energy monitoring system — to establish baseline usage, and measure in real time the effect of the project. Shekell’s work included replacement of dual duct CV boxes with newdual duct VAV boxes; replacement of pneumatic controls with a direct digital control (DDC) system; installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on the supply and return fans in the main air handler, and on the cooling tower fan. The new control system incorporated the required logic to sequence all of the system's equipment together.

The payback period on the proposed $210,000 worth of upgrades was predicted to be less than two years with rebates and grants.

The annual energy outlay for the building was $82,000 per year. The BuildingAdvice Energy Audit report showed that J.E. Shekell could decrease that spend by over $50,000 in less than one year by an estimated $45,899 per year saving on electricity, and $5,095 savings on natural gas consumption.

Naturally, there was a lot of skepticism on the part of the client. The potential savings was so large, they really didn't believe they could save that much.

"I didn't believe the numbers myself at first," Derr says. "Being new to BuildingAdvice, I'd not had an opportunity to field test their system and verify their results against real-time data. But our manual and model calculations were showing that they could."

To read the entire whitepapter, visit adviceshekell

Ingersoll Rand Launches Trane High Performance Buildings

Ingersoll-Rand recently provided building professionals in New York City with a first look at Trane High Performance Buildings program. A rollout event was held in May, at the AXA Equitable Building on New York's Seventh Avenue.

Trane High Performance Buildings is an outcome-based approach that complements building industry standards, and helps owners improve occupant safety, comfort, and productivity. The approach combines buildings’ financial, operating, and energy information with specialized services and available financing.

"Buildings account for 71% of U.S. electricity consumption," says Larry G. Wash, president of global services for the Climate Solutions sector of Ingersoll Rand. "Adopting high performance building concepts can reduce energy and operating expenses by 30% to 50% over the course of a building's life cycle," Wash says.

The event included a panel discussion of building energy initiatives, with contributions by energy industry leaders, including:

  • Vatsal Bhatt, senior policy advisor, Brookhaven National Lab, Department of Energy;
  • Deane M. Evans, director, Center for Building Knowledge, New Jersey Institute of Technology;
  • Greg Hale, senior financial policy specialist, National Resources Defense Council's (NRDC) Center for Market Innovation;
  • Jeff Meaney, senior vice president and head of Security, Corporate Services, TIAA-CREF;
  • Karen W. Penafiel, vice president of advocacy, BOMA International;
  • Louis J. Ronsivalli, Jr., global Trane service offer development leader.

The event concluded with a tour of the AXA Equitable Building, the TIAA-CREF building, and 30 Rockefeller Plaza. buildings

Heat Transfer Products Group Opens Warehouse in California

Heat Transfer Products Group LLC. (HTPG), Scottsboro, AL, has opened an additional finished goods warehouse in LaVerne, CA. The office will primarily serve customers in the Western U.S.

HTPG produces commercial, institutional, and industrial products, including condensing units, evaporators, air cooled condensers, surface and case coils for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), custom air handling units, unit coolers, and compressor racks for food service application and complete refrigeration system packages.

HTPG's energy efficient heat transfer equipment is sold under the Russell, Witt, Kramer, ColdZone, and other brands.

American Hometec Changes Name to AHI Technologies

AHI Technologies is the new name for American Hometec, Inc., a manufacturer of tankless water heaters and other hydronic products. Officials at the Wilmington, DE-based company say the new name is meant to highlight the company’s activity in the residential and commercial HVAC sectors.

AHI Technologies product lines will remain the same, including the recently announced Thermolock line of ultra-compact electric tankless water heaters. These temperature-controlled tankless units are the only water heaters on the market equipped with temperature lock, which prevents unauthorized changes to temperature settings, sources say.

All AHI Technologies products are equipped with patented and patent pending technologies, including the "coilless technology," which heats water indirectly, through a unique heat transfer method.

Hercules Industries Stronger with Reznor Line Addition

Sources from Hercules Industries, Memphis, TN, an HVAC manufacturer with offices in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, report that the company now carries Reznor HVAC equipment. Reznor manufactures unit heaters, blower cabinets, electric heaters, condensing units, and more.

Hercules Industries was founded in 1962, as a Denver, CO-based, HVAC wholesale distributor. Still operated by the Newland family, Hercules now manufactures residential and commercial sheet metal pipe and fittings.;

Yokogawa, Cape Software Collaborate on Simulators

Yokogawa Corporation of America's Education Center, Nenan, GA, has announced a partnership with Cape Software, to provide affordable and expandable operator training simulators (OTS) aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of Yokogawa Centum VP and CS 3000 production control systems users.

The functionality of the OTS includes training the operator in control terms, concepts, screen navigation and responding to alarm situations.

ClimateMaster to Sponsor Geo Day at HVAC Comfortech

ClimateMaster Inc, a leading manufacturer in water-source and geothermal heat pumps, announced that they will host geothermal training at the HVAC Comfortech show, in Indianapolis, IN, on September 21st, 2011. Geo Day is an all-day workshop designed to educate HVAC contractors on all aspects of geothermal technology.

"We're very excited to be hosting such an educational and informative event at HVAC Comfortech," said John Bailey, senior vice president of ClimateMaster, Inc. "These field events create the best learning environment for geothermal heat pump installations."

The morning classroom sessions will cover various topics, including the features and benefits of geothermal for consumers and dealers, as well as demonstrations of ClimateMaster products and software programs to determine energy savings and return on investment. Also covered will be "How to Sell Geo." The afternoon session will be held on location, to conduct a live demonstration of a loop installation. At this location an entire ClimateMaster geothermal system will be installed. At the end of the day, attendees will have an excellent understanding of various loop designs, equipment installation, and software support that exists for geothermal. For more information on Geo Day, visit