Refrigerants, ECM Motors in Focus at Upcoming RSES Conference

June 2, 2009
Alternative refrigerants and ECM motor technology will be major topics of discussion during the upcoming Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Annual Conference, Oct. 27-31.

Three additional technical sessions focusing on alternative refrigerants an a presentation on ECM motor technology will enhance the educational program during the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) 72nd Annual Conference at the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America hotel in Bloomington, Minn. on Oct. 27-31, 2009.

The conference will focus on education as well as many industry-related topics. This year's theme will be, “Lean & Green.” The RSES Twin Cities Chapter will host the conference.

Secondary 101 Medium Temperature (Glycol); Secondary 201 Medium Temperature (Glycol); and “Secondary 301 Low Temperature (CO2) will be led by Rusty Walker of Hill PHOENIX Learning Center. These sessions will be taught consecutively on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Secondary 101 Medium Temperature (Glycol) will target a beginner-level audience as well as individuals who are not familiar with commercial secondary refrigeration. Walker will discuss why the industry is moving to secondary refrigeration and how the environment is impacted by this transition. Also, the components that make up a secondary system will be discussed and how they function, as well as pump control operations such as variable speed operations.

Secondary 201 Medium Temperature (Glycol) will target an intermediate- to advanced-level audience. The session will begin with an informative introduction to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) pipe, and how to properly install it, use it and the purpose of its use. Walker will also cover a complete start-up sequence, from charging the secondary fluid and flushing, to proper control set points.

Secondary 301 Low Temperature (CO2)
will target a beginner- to intermediate-level audience as well as individuals interested in learning how carbon dioxide is used as a secondary refrigerant. Walker will explain how CO2 helps meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements as well as provide detail regarding proper piping practices, how to accommodate the pressures safely, and how to properly charge and operate the system.

Commercial Refrigeration ECM Technology, will be led by Glenn Bell of Morrill Motors, a division of Regal Beloit Corp. This two-hour session will cover basic- to advanced-level material. Bell will detail the latest information on new electronically commutated motor technology for commercial refrigeration fan motors. Participants will learn how these motors are being applied to new products as well as drop-in replacements that provide unmatched efficiency and reliability. Attendees will receive training material at the class. Also, cut-away motors will be available at the end of the session for hands-on training.

For additional information or questions contact Jean Birch, RSES conference and seminars manager, by phone at 800-297-5660 x4046, or by fax at 847-297-5038, or by e-mail at [email protected].