Residential Hydronics

Dec. 1, 2009
Saving energy and maximizing comfort is top of mind for homeowners and residential contractors have many options to choose from.


Arzel Zoning Technology announces the launch of its Evergreen Zoning System, an aftermarket zoning product that provides blower speed control based on air flow requirements to each zone, eliminating the need for a bypass damper.

The system combines an advanced zone control system with an easy to install replacement multi-speed Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM). The ECM motor works in conjunction with the control panel to facilitate delivery of the right volume of heating or cooling, to optimally control room temperature.
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Comfort-Aire announces the AHGV series of variable speed hydronic air handlers for R-410A.

According to company sources, the variable speed blower motor operates about 90% more efficiently than PSC motors. It further improves efficiency by adjusting the CFM to match the static pressure of the system, helping to overcome poor duct design and long duct runs.
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Daikin Altherma is an innovative alternative heating and domestic hot water solution. The air-to-water heat pump system maximizes comfort and energy savings by capitalizing on Daikin's technological strengths, sources say. Additionally, Daikin Altherma features a space cooling ability.

Daikin Altherma consists of 2 main components (outdoor unit and hydrobox) combined with optional accessories such as a water tank and solar thermal kit. For space heating, Daikin Altherma can be connected to low temperature radiators, under-floor heating or fan coil units. It can be configured in many different ways, and uses R-410A refrigerant.
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Alpha, from Grundfos Pumps, is an energy-optimized, 115-volt circulator featuring a permanent magnet motor design. Designed for hydronic heating applications in residential and light-commercial applications, the compact Alpha is equipped with the Grundfos autoadapt function that automatically modulates circulator performance to match ever-changing system demand.
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The Honeywell AquaReset™ is an outdoor reset system designed to improve boiler efficiency, reduce contractor installation time and generate additional energy savings for homeowners.

The AquaReset maximizes energy savings by connecting a Honeywell electronic Aquastat® and the Honeywell AquaReset module via the EnviraCOM™ communications protocol. Devices start communication upon connection.
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Jackson Systems

The GEO-200™ interface panel is designed to control a geothermal radiant floor heating system and a forced air geothermal system from a single 3 heat /2 cool, heat pump thermostat. In the heating mode, on a call for first stage heat to the panel will energize the radiant floor pump or valve by closing a set of dry contacts. On a call for second stage heat, the GEO-200™ will energize the first stage pump compressor. On a call for third stage heat, the GEO-200™ will bring on the electric auxiliary heat.
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The Lochinvar Knight heating boiler, is now available in both floor standing models and wall mounted units.

The fully modulating 5:1 turndown burner allows the Knight to keep fuel use to a minimum by adjusting heat output according to demand. The heating boiler has a 93% DOE AFUE efficiency rating on the 80 to 285 models and a 95% thermal efficiency rating on the 399 and 500 models.
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Peerless Boilers

The Purefire® gas-fired condensing boiler from Peerless Boilers is a high-efficiency boiler available for either natural or LP gas. The direct vent, sealed combustion boiler has a 95.85% efficiency. The Purefire is Energy Star® approved, and has ASME and ETL certifications for the U.S. and Canada. A condensate system with float switch protection and built-in neutralizer are a top feature of the boiler. A fully modulating burner with 3:1 flame modulation assures dependable operation and maximizes efficiency.
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The Quietside DPW is a wall mounted, natural gas (propane optional) fired dual purpose hydronic heating system capable of space heating in addition to on demand domestic hot water supply. Units are available in 99,000, 120,000 and 199,000 Btu/h capacities with a 90% AFUE efficiency level, and Energy Star approval. These units are equipped with sealed combustion and are vented with Schedule 40 PVC.
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Raypak introduces a wall-hung condensing residential hydronic boiler called the XPak. Features include modulation with 5:1 turn down, synchronized with a three-speed SS non- ferrous pump; a two section heat exchanger to minimize condensate dwell time; 3-in. stainless steel polyproplene or CPVC vent, all of which are U.S. certified; easy access controls; ASME H stamp; and a 20-year prorated warranty.
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Rheem introduces the new Marathon Two-Port thermal storage tank. Its innovative design provides a light-weight, energy-efficient thermal storage tank with the installation flexibility to fit a wide variety of applications. The system can accomodate today's solar, geothermal, or hydronic water heating systems.

According to company sources, the Marathon Thermal Storage Tank comes with a lifetime warranty due in part to the unique construction of the inner tank. The inner tank features the same non-metallic construction as the Marathon Lifetime Residential Electric Water Heater that was recognized with a Consumer Award from the Society of Plastic Engineers.
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Half the size of previous units, the redesigned proPANEL® mixing panels from Uponor feature a host of innovations that speed installation, improve control, and simplify setup for radiant heating and cooling systems, sources say.

Fully assembled and wired with Cat5 connectors, the four new proPANEL units are modular. They can meet the needs of any radiant application, regardless of size or complexity.
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