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    Brady Services Joins The Unified Group

    March 29, 2010
    Brady Services based out of Greensboro, N.C. is the newest member of the independent contractor association.

    The Unified Group is proud to welcome Brady Services, Greensboro, N.C. as its newest member. The Unified Group assesses prospective members based on the number of years in business, commitment to training, awards/accolades received, positive customer and vendor references, and a desire to improve or grow the service side of the business.

    The Unified Group was formed in 1998. It's an independent association of more than 50 of the country’s elite HVAC commercial contractors, representing over $1 billion in revenue. The group specializes in helping its members increase productivity, profitability, and customer retention by providing training opportunities, exchanging information, sharing best practices, and negotiating purchasing agreements. It also serves as a network to pursue national and regional business opportunities.

    To learn more about membership or The Unified Group, contact Allison Rodgers at 888-714-5990 or visit theunifiedgroup.com.

    Brady Services as been one of the top companies providing services for commercial and industrial buildings in North Carolina since 1962. Brady, a family owned corporation provides “one stop accountability” for clients seeking single source solutions. They partner with customer to design and maintain their facilities in top operating conditions regardless of industry. For more information, visit bradyservices.com.