Tech Update: Residential and Commercial IAQ

June 2, 2010
Listed below are some of the latest Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, ERVs, HRVs, UV Lights, Filtration Systems, and Duct Cleaning Products on the market.

American Standard
The American Standard AccuClean Whole Home Air Cleaner with AccuLink technology has all of the performance of the existing AccuClean product, plus more, sources say. The AccuClean Whole Home Air Cleaner removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles and allergens from a home’s filtered air. According to company sources, the AccuClean is up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1-in. filter. With the new communicating technology, AccuClean with AccuLink can operate in either communicating or 24-volt mode. Auto configuration and auto set-up can be done using the AccuLink 900 control.

The Infinity® air purifier by Carrier, purifies the air in a three-step process. First, precision-point ionization charges particles in the air entering the device. Second, the charged particles are captured on a unique media cartridge. Finally, using ion bombardment and an electric current flow, the media kills captured pathogens, such as airborne tuberculosis bacteria, aspergillus and other fungal spores, pneumonia bacteria, and even the virus that causes measles. Since 100% of the air passing through the furnace or air conditioner is treated by the Infinity air purifier, most of the air in the home will be treated as often as three to eight times per hour when used as part of a complete Infinity system.

Ductmate's Sandwich® access doors come in 8-in., 10-in. and 12-in. diameters. No metal plates, drilling screws, applying tape or sealant is necessary for installation, sources say. According to company sources, installing a circular door will give you a neat appearance and easy access every time you clean.

Field Controls
Field Controls has developed a new system designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 62.2 for fresh air changes in residential housing.

The new FAS Fresh Air System uses patented technology to engage the central system blower fan to bring fresh air into the home as needed. In addition to increasing fresh air changes, the system improves air circulation, providing better temperature and humidity control and reducing energy costs, sources say. Better air circulation also increases the effectiveness of whole house filtration and UV air purification efforts.

Two components make up the FAS: the Fresh Air Control and the Fresh Air Damper. The Fresh Air Control is programmed by the installer, based on the square footage and number of inhabitants in the house.

Flanders Pre PleatTM 40 LPD maintains a mechanical MERV 8 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007. According to company sources, the filters are suitable as pre-filters but are best suited for heavy duty commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, as well as other industrial applications where high dust holding is required. The Pre Pleat 40 LPD can be installed in PF-1 holding frames, K-Trac framing modules, surepleat side access housings and bag-in/bag-out containment housings.

General Filters
The GeneralAire TERSus2000 and TERSus1200 combine three technologies in 1 air purification system. The first stage consist of an electro-statically enhanced MERV13 media filter that removes up to 96.3% of microscopic particles and airborne allergens as small as .3 microns in size.

The second stage features dual Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps that kill disease causing airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold on contact

The third stage features oxidizing catalytic technology that destroys toxic chemicals and odors.

The Goodman® brand DMH900 whole-house air cleaner employs HEPA, UVC germicidal lights (non-ozone producing) and CinQuartz® photo-catalytic oxidation to help filter and sterilize indoor air. This unit is able to remove allergen particles and atmospheric dust, as well as biological and chemical contaminants and odors as small as 0.3 micron in size. An internal motor delivers 250 CFM of air without adding static pressure to the HVAC system. The DMH900 is a by-pass installed product that can be mounted in a variety of positions for easy installation including duct-, collar-, or free-standing.

Heat Controller
Comfort-Aire’s line of portable dehumidifiers is designed with a full array of features, including low temperature operation down to 41o F. All BHD Series models are Energy Star® compliant and models are available in 65, 50 and 35 pint-per-day capacities.

Touchpad controls make it simple to set the desired humidity level and to see the current humidity, sources say. Condensate is collected in a 21-pint container for the larger two models, 10.5-pint for the small unit, while automatic shut-off prevents overfilling. The condensate bucket loads from the front for easy emptying and has side handholds and a built-in handle for convenience. There’s also a drain hose connection to bypass the condensate bucket for direct draining, if desired.

Designed for smaller homes or tight installation spaces, Honeywell's TrueDry DH65 is a compact, high-efficiency unit that can remove up to 65 pints of moisture from the air each day, sources say. The DH65 uses only 5.5 amps and is Energy Star rated.

Perfect for larger homes, Honeywell’s TrueDry DH90 efficiently removes excessive moisture from the air each day. It can remove up to 90 pints of moisture from the air each day. The DH90 uses only 6.2 amps and is also Energy Star rated.

The TrueDry DH150 removes up to 150 pints of moisture from the air each day and is designed for larger spaces where significant dehumidification is needed. The DH150 is Honeywell’s first dehumidifier to use R-410A refrigerant.

Kathabar Dehumidification Systems offers Twin-Cel, a liquid desiccant building energy reduction system which utilizes energy previously lost to the environment.

Twin-Cel, a total energy device, transfers both temperature and moisture between the airstreams and allows for greater energy savings than the recovery of sensible heat only. These systems reduce the utilities required to condition outside air for a building. By preconditioning the ventilation air entering a building with the available energy in the exhaust air leaving the building, these systems reduce heating/cooling and humidifying/dehumidifying energy usage with the added potential of lowering installed equipment costs.

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The PureAir™ air purification system from Lennox, comes in three sizes to fit most furnace and air handler applications, with minimum transitions required. A reduced cabinet width of 10-in. allows for installation in smaller spaces. The system has an annual maintenance kit comes complete with a MERV 16 PrecisionPleat™ filter, a 1-in. Titanium Dioxide coated metal insert, and 2 UVA lamps.

Munters introduces the DryCool™ HD dehumidification system. The DryCool™ HD uses a combination of desiccants and non-ozone depleting refrigerants to deliver cool, dry air for light commercial applications, improving comfort without increasing air conditioning loads.

Unlike typical dehumidifiers, the DryCool™ HD does not use heat to dry the air which increases the need for air conditioning. Instead, the DryCool™ HD uses a desiccant dehumidification wheel and R-410a to remove heat and moisture from incoming air.

PreVent® equipment protection filters are made of UV protected polypropylene and custom sized to fit any air intake perimeter. Framed with a flexible vinyl binding or a rigid galvanized steel frame, PreVent easily installs and can be brushed clean with a broom, sources say. Cut-to-fit wrap-around, PreVent® filters are available for residential AC systems.

RenewAire introduces its fifth generation energy recovery ventilation (ERV) core. The new G5 core provides over 22% more humidity transfer at AHRI summer design conditions

The G5 core provides a reduced pressure drop making it among the lowest for static-plate energy recovery ventilators, sources say. The exhaust air transfer is certified 0.0% at balanced pressure and the G5 core passes UL 723 with less than 25/50 flame spread/smoke developed rating. The laminar flow over the entire operating range results in no particulate accumulation and simple maintenance of once-a-year face vacuuming. Gas phase water transfer means no condensation and no active defrost required in virtually any climate.

Rotobrush® is going wireless with its Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system, adding another level of freedom to the portable and modular system. With a pod that lifts out of a transportable carrier, and no controller cords, the Rotobrush aiR+® system offers contractors ease of use, sources say. Other features include:

  • Rotomolded carrier and removable pod made of thick, high quality polypropylene for greater durability, yet lightweight enough for one-person use.
  • A redesigned air path resulting in increased vacuum power compared to the former SCSR model for easier removal of the heavy build up in air duct systems.
  • A brush system that rotates at 450 rpm.
  • A rotating cable enclosed within the hose for safe use in every type of duct application.

Steril Aire
The UVC Kit for Air Handlers from Steril-Aire, Inc. is designed to destroy microorganisms, including flu viruses, bacteria and mold while saving energy and reducing HVAC maintenance, sources say. This easy-to-install kit delivers Steril-Aire’s high-output germicidal UVC technology for fan coil units, unit ventilator systems and indoor air handlers with coils up to 84 inches.

According to company sources, the Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system can remove up to 99.98% percent of airborne allergens from the home’s filtered air.

It removes particles as small as .1 microns and has a clean air delivery rate of 1,200. Other features include:

  • Cleaning indicators easily visible on the outside of the unit.
  • Easy to clean filters—just vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 9 months (depending on usage).
  • Quiet operation.

Ultra-Aire has the redesigned the Ultra-Aire 90H, to include features that help contractors with ease of installation and allow for more application flexibility.

New features include:

  • Advanced cabinet design increases installation flexibility by easily converting between vertical and horizontal outlet air ducting, allowing the UA90 to fit into low clearance applications as well as in tight spaces where the traditional "flow through" design cannot be installed.
  • New, more robust duct collar design makes ducting easier, faster and safer, especially when using flex duct, sources say.
  • Filter access panels on both sides of the UA90 simplifies filter replacement and increases installation flexibility.

The Ultra-Aire 90H is a high capacity dehumidifier that removes up to 90 pints of water a day. The unit is designed for areas up to 2,200 sq. ft., is Energy Star rated.

UVDI introduces the V-RAY GRID™ Healthy Buildings System. The V-RAY GRID™ utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Create superior IAQ through air disinfection and irradiation
  • Lower maintenance costs due to its coil cleaning benefits

According to company sources, the unique design of the V-RAY GRID™ allows for ease of installation in almost any HVAC system.