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Oct. 11, 2012
WaterFurnace International, Inc., has initiated its Perfect Choice Savings Event. Until Nov. 30, 2012, homeowners will have a choice between instant rebates up to $2,500 or 0% financing on any of three geothermal packages

WaterFurnace Offers ‘Perfect Choice Savings Event’ Specials

WaterFurnace International, Inc., has initiated its Perfect Choice Savings Event. Until Nov. 30, 2012, homeowners will have a choice between instant rebates up to $2,500 or 0% financing on any of three geothermal packages.

“WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps deliver dramatic savings on heating and cooling costs with a comfort you have to experience to believe,” says Tim Litton, WaterFurnace director of marketing communications. “We want to give every family an opportunity to upgrade to geothermal and our Perfect Choice Savings Event was designed for that purpose. This special offer becomes even more attractive when you factor in the 30 percent federal tax credit for equipment and installation costs, as well as the growing number of local incentives.”

Each promotional package is tailored to fit homeowner needs, and features the WaterFurnace 5 Series 500A11, described by WaterFurnace sources as, “the most efficient two-stage geothermal system available.”

• The Ultimate Comfort Package includes a $2,500 instant rebate or 0% financing for 12 months.
• The Essential Comfort Package includes a $1,500 rebate or 0% financing for 12 months.
• The Geothermal Upgrade Package, designed for the homeowner who is already experiencing the benefits of a geothermal heating and cooling system, offers a 500A11 system to upgrade an existing geothermal unit of any brand. Customers can choose between a $1,000 instant rebate or 0% financing for 12 months.

The 5 Series 500A11 geothermal heat pump is similar to a traditional heat pump, but instead of using heat found in outside air, it taps into the constant thermal energy stored just below the Earth’s surface. Using this free energy source can save homeowners as much as 70% on heating and cooling bills. The system can also generate heat for hot water, all without using any on-site fossil fuels or emitting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases. To learn more about geothermal and the WaterFurnace

5 Series 500A11, visit

California, U.S. Senate Pass Bills to Smooth Path for Geothermal Systems

A bill passed by the California legislature in September — AB 2339 — requires the California Energy Commission (CEC), in consultation with the Public Utilities Commission, the Air Resources Board, and other stakeholders, to evaluate and recommend policies for overcoming barriers to expanded use of geothermal heat pumps in California.

On a national level, the U.S. Senate on Sept. 22 passed HR4850, the “Enabling Energy Savings Innovations Act.” It establishes efficiency standards for certain specialized products, consolidates other standards and provides the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) with the flexibility to consider new technologies in achieving energy efficiency goals.

Rheem and Ruud Name Top Contractors

Rheem and Ruud have released the names of their Rheem Team Top Contractors and Ruud Reliable Top Contractors for 2011. These companies surpassed hundreds of other Rheem and Ruud contractors in sales, customer support, and overall performance with local homeowners.

“These Rheem Team Top Contractors are exceptional business partners, and we’re proud to have the opportunity to recognize them for their hard work and dedication to Rheem,” says Nitish Singh, director of marketing and product management, Rheem Heating & Cooling Division.

“Our 10 Ruud Reliable Top Contractors for 2011 are also fantastic business partners, and each has been able to collaborate with Ruud to grow their business. Each of these contractors goes above and beyond, to support homeowners in their communities with the highest level of service and expertise. We look forward to working more with these great companies in the coming years,” adds Singh.

The 2011 Rheem Team Top Contractors are:

• Air America Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration LLC, Coral Springs, FL
• Air Around The Clock, Coral Springs, FL
• Alaskan Home Services, Tempe, AZ
• All Year Cooling and Heating, Plantation, FL
• Aztil Air Conditioning, West Palm Beach, FL
• Chancey & Reynolds Inc., Knoxville, TN
• Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, Rochester, NY
• Perry Heating and Cooling, Tucson, AZ
• Service America, Pompano Beach, FL
• Vickrey Heat & Air, Inc., Claremore, OK

The 2011 Ruud Reliable Top Contractors are:

•Action Aire, Brownsville, TX
• Bell Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning, Elk Grove, CA
• Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating & AC, Overland Park, KS
• Charleston Heating & Air, Charleston, SC
• Gilmore Heating Air & Solar, Placerville, CA
• Jimmy Weeks Heating & Air Conditioning, Fayetteville, GA
• JW Heating and Air, Los Angeles, CA
• Lone Star Repair, Houston, TX
• Ray O. Cook Heating & Air, Roseville, CA
• Season Control Heating & Air, Canoga Park, CA.;

ClimateMaster Hosts GeoDay in Medina, OH

On a sunny day in September, in Medina, OH, more than 100 HVAC contractors from in and around the Buckeye State set aside some time to learn about the features, benefits, and opportunities associated with geothermal heat pump installations.

The event: GeoDay, by ClimateMaster. The place: Wolff Bros. Supply, Inc., where there was ample property for step-by-step demonstrations of geothermal installations.

During the day-long event, contractors learned more about three main geothermal installation methods: pond loop, horizontal loop, and vertical closed loop.

Tom Rundle, HVAC product manager, and the geo “go-to guy” at Wolff Bros. Supply — and who also has 20-years of HVAC business experience — says geothermal offers “super-efficient” options for indoor comfort, at a time of increasing energy costs.

“Soon, we believe, we’ll begin to see the coupling of solar PV with geothermal,” Rundle said. “Some of our dealers are certified solar photovotaic (PV) installers, and it’s only a matter of time before customers demand off-grid solar power coupled with geo.” Rundle added that the contractors in attendance were impressed by the day’s events.

“Their level of interest was high, and we got some great feedback from them.” he said.

“It’s great to have hands-on training, and their expertise is very helpful,” said Stephen Charek, vice president, J.P. Swingle Mechanical, Medina, OH.

Mark Maddamma, partner and service manager for Swingle Mechanical’s sister company, Swingle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, based in Lodi, OH, also found the live demos to be helpful.

“We do service and repair work, but currently no geothermal. But, it has real potential for us in our service work, and also for replacements,” Maddamma said. “I’m glad I’m here because we get to see the stations, and can get a real understanding of what’s involved with geothermal from so many different perspectives.”

Brian Cuthbert, Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning, Akron, OH — which has been providing geothermal for 20 years — says the company has seen a steady increase in interest in geothermal among homeowners in Lake’s service area. He said it was good to see contractors who were “looking before leaping” into geothermal.

“It’s great to see so many professionals are here to learn about best practices, from a concentration of experts who are offering their best advice and insights, free of charge,” Cuthbert said. “There’s nothing better for our industry as a whole than to have installers learning what the geothermal business is about before they get involved.”

Richard Gibson, ClimateMaster’s Northeast residential manager and the instructor for the “Geo 101” class, reviewed the various features and economic benefits associated with geothermal.

“Geothermal allows you to sell up, and offers higher profitability for installers,” Gibson explained. It’s good for the environment, since many homeowners are now thinking about the need for environmental stewardship.”

MacroAir Posts 50% Revenue Growth in 2011-12

MacroAir, originator of high velocity/low speed (HVLS) fan technology, reports the company posted a 50% revenue increase in its 2011-2012 fiscal year. International sales grew by 44%, in an area where the company has increased its focus due to growing interest in HVLS fan products.

MacroAir currently sells its line of commercial ceiling fans — in sizes from 8- to 24-ft. in diameter — in 35 countries on six continents.

“Delivering quality products and outstanding customer service are the cores of who we are at MacroAir, and we’re honored customers are turning to us for trusted air movement solutions,” says Eddie Boyd, president of MacroAir.
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