TECH UPDATE: Commercial & Residential IAQ

Sept. 4, 2012
Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, ERVs, HRVs, UV Lights, Filters, Filtration Systems, Duct Cleaning Equipment, Instruments, and Testers

Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, ERVs, HRVs, UV Lights, Filters, Filtration Systems, Duct Cleaning Equipment, Instruments, and Testers


The Amana DMH900 air filtration unit removes, reduces, and inhibits allergens, biological pollutants, chemical contaminants, atmospheric dust and odors throughout the entire house – all in a single-unit with reduced installation time, no external ducting required, company sources say.

The DMH900 is a HEPA-certified, whole-house air filter, and it uses the latest three-stage indoor air quality (IAQ) technology. It can be installed duct-mounted, collar-mounted, or free-standing. Pre-punched openings and a mounting template simplify installation.

American Standard

American Standard introduces the AccuExchange energy recovery ventilator. The ventilator saves energy during hot, humid weather by pre-cooling and dehumidifying incoming air. It saves energy during cold weather by recovering heat and moisture from the air that’s being expelled from the home.

Other features include:

• Special engineering for low maintenance and longer life

• Slide-out filter that’s easily accessible, and can be cleaned with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner.


Aprilaire introduces the Home Comfort Control, a comprehensive, two-part control system that offers contractors a new way to talk about and sell IAQ products.

Home Comfort Control uses an intuitive, touch-screen user interface, which connects to an equipment control module with standard 3-wire connection, eliminating the need for separate controls for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation, and temperature control systems.

Daikin McQuay

Daikin McQuay introduces the Daikin McQuay Rebel commercial rooftop unit. The new Rebel rooftop unit achieves part-load efficiencies of up to 20.6 IEER and surpasses ASHRAE’s 90.1 minimum standard by 80%.

The Rebel unit will be available in 3-15 ton sizes and offers additional features like a MicroTech III controller for seamless integration into BAS controls, single-point power connection, slide-out filter racks, ¼-turn door latches, and a modulating hot gas reheat option for superior dehumidification control.

Field Controls

Field Controls introduces the newest addition to the Healthy Home System, its IAQ flagship. Four new products have been added to the Fresh Air product line including three heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and one energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

The HRV/ERV line ensures fresh air changes up to eight times a day. Both the HRV — recommended for cooler climates, and the ERV — recommended for hot and humid climates — can be integrated into the ductwork of the forced air system. The Field Controls HRV features a patented aluminum core that keeps outgoing stale air separate from incoming fresh air while, tempering the incoming air, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Fieldpiece Instruments

Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the STA2 hot-wire anemometer to its line of in-duct HVACR instruments. It features an expandable 38-in. telescoping probe, making it easier to take temperature or air velocity readings in the duct, for more precise results.

The standalone STA2 hot-wire anemometer displays any combination of CFM, air velocity, and temperature at the same time on the backlit dual display.


With a powerful motor and certified “true” HEPA filtration, the Goodman brand GHEPA can enhance the indoor air quality of an entire home — without creating static pressure in a home’s air distribution system, sources say.

The GHEPA removes lint, unpleasant odors, dust (atmospheric, household and coal), dust mites, insecticides, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, cooking smoke and grease, pet dander, and tobacco smoke particles. Easy-to-change filters include an activated carbon pre-filter and a carbon VOC (volatile organic compound) filter.

A strong motor delivers between 245-560 CFM of filtered air.


Munters announces the new DryCool HD dehumidification system. The DryCool HD uses a revolutionary combination of desiccants and non-ozone depleting refrigerants to deliver cool, dry air to the home, improving comfort without increasing air conditioning loads.

Unlike typical residential dehumidifiers, the DryCool HD doesn’t use heat to dry the air, which increases a home’s need for air conditioning. Instead, the DryCool HD uses a desiccant dehumidification wheel and R-410A to remove heat and moisture from incoming air.


Rotobrush International announces its new product release to the HVAC industry market — the aiR+ XP air duct cleaning machine.

The new aiR+ XP machine is designed specifically to safely and efficiently clean all types of ductwork, most importantly flexible ductwork. The lightweight and portable machine gives easy access into attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

Rotobrush sources say clients can purchase or trade in their current Rotobrush machine for the aiR+ XP.


The Fast Install Tower (FIT) by Steril-Aire enables installation of the highest output germicidal UVC emitters at the AHU cooling coil with minimal down time. With FIT, you select the number of emitter rows needed (up to 4), as well as the emitter lengths (up to 7 choices). Different emitter lengths can also be mixed on one FIT column.

Titus HVAC

Titus HVAC introduces EOS, a solar-powered, energy-harvesting diffuser. EOS is completely powered by natural light, and is designed to improve comfort and save energy while providing a solution to challenging building perimeter applications.

The EOS was designed to address the imperfect split compromises commonly found in a building’s perimeter system; where half the air discharge is supplied in the heating and half in the cooling configuration.


The Radon Vac provides an effective way to reduce radon levels in existing homes. The unique system consists of a plug-in fan, exterior hood and installer-purchased PVC pipe. Because the Radon Vac side wall system evacuates through the basement side wall, homeowners can avoid having PVC pipe run vertically through living areas or outside of their homes to the roof line. The Radon Vac fan is engineered to reduce radon across a variety of sub-slab soil types (dirt, gravel, etc.).


Trane’s CleanEffects whole-house air filtration system uses patented air cleaning technology to remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the air that passes through the filter. It catches particles as small as .1 micron.

Other features include:

• Cleaning indicators easily visible on the outside of the unit

• Easy to clean filters. Just vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 9 months (depending on usage)

• Quiet operation.


Trion IAQ introduces the ComfortBreeze CB-300 evaporative humidifier line. ComfortBreeze units are available with optional patent-pending ComfortSmart technology to minimize water consumption while successfully maintaining a comfortable humidity in the home.

Other features include:

• Versatile installation: fan-powered models are compatible with any type furnace system single stage, variable speed and modulating.

UEi Test Instruments

The AQM4 meter measures CO2 levels, CO levels, air temperature, dew point, wet bulb temperature, and humidity. The portable AQM4 is the ideal instrument for indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis. IAQ monitoring and surveying especially for CO2 levels and air ventilation has become widely applied in public offices, classrooms, factories, hospitals, and hotels. It’s useful in verifying HVAC systems performance and air ventilation control. The AQM4 uses NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology for CO2 measurement, ensuring reliability and long-term stability.


Ultra-Aire introduces a split system whole house ventilating dehumidifier—the Ultra-Aire SD12. The two-piece design allows the sensible heat generated from the dehumidifying process to be released outside. The Ultra-Aire SD12 provides sensible cooling to the living space (approximately 1/3 ton) — allowing for first stage cooling and 180 pints per day of water removal.

The Energy Star certified dehumidifying unit is located inside the house, while the condensing unit is installed outdoors.