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    Contractors 2000 is now Nexstar

    Feb. 1, 2004
    Contractors 2000 has changed its name to Nexstar. This organization has gone from 16 to 300 members since its inception in 1992. says Greg Niemi, president

    Contractors 2000 has changed its name to Nexstar™.

    “This organization has gone from 16 to 300 members since its inception in 1992.” says Greg Niemi, president and COO of Nexstar, Inc. “A lot has changed in 12 years. What started as an organization for plumbing contractors now includes plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical contractors. The change of our name is only part of a series of sweeping positive changes we will make to respond with solutions to the needs and ambitions of our members.”

    Nexstar provides information, ongoing support, training and programs that help members advance their business operations.

    At times, the organization will also use the word; Network,associated with the new Nexstar name. “Network suggests the wide range of resources and support provided by the organization,” explains Niemi. “It also suggests how information is transferred; through a network of interlaced members and staff to support opportunities fundamental to our new slogan, ‘Member centered. Service focused.’ Our new name recaptures the futuristic vision we have for this organization with a limitless direction.”

    The transformation of Contractors 2000 into Nexstar will continue with the redevelopment of content and member services. According to Niemi, “Nothing will be left untouched. Everything will be better. We will update our systems, procedures, schools and programs; all with the intent of making our resources quick to implement and provide a return on our members’ investment.”

    For more information about Nexstar, contact; Lisa Schardt at 888/609-5490, or visit www.nexstarnetwork.com.