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Hawaii's Cosco Supply Celebrates 48 Years

Oct. 15, 2009
Operates four locations across the islands.

Quality service, quality employees, and business diversification have kept Cosco Supply, Honolulu, HI, going strong for 48 years. The HVAC wholesaler/distributor celebrated its 48th year in business over the summer of 2009, and management looks forward to more innovations in the years to come.

Cosco is owned by Bobbie Cosco, CEO; Cynthia Tavares, president; and Matthew Cosco, vice president. Established in 1961 by Robert Cosco, the store operated under the name of Refrigerator Service and Supply, until the name was changed in 1968. Throughout those 48 years, the family has diversified the business to adapt to the changes in the economy.

The company is also known as Cosco Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. It has been expanded from a one-stop supply store to a chain of four locations throughout the major islands (Honolulu – Oahu, Kahului – Maui, Kona – Hawaii and Lihue – Kauai), manned by 27 employees. Sources say its productivity, profitability, and stability are the results of having provided customers with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a professional, well-trained staff.