Blackman Supply Says "Thank You"to Mueller Industries

Nov. 6, 2012
A 'truly remarkable' goodwill gesture.

Blackman Plumbing Supply Co Inc., Bayport, NY, has issued a letter thanking Mueller Industries, Memphis, TN, for the emergency supplies provided to Blackman in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The letter by Kevin Gordon, director of marketing for Blackman Plumbing Supply, reads:

Mueller's timely response and extremely generous proliferation of resources was greatly appreciated and speak to the value of the great relationship between our two organizations. We would like to specifically acknowledge Greg Christopher who spearheaded this initiative along with Jeff Harris who acted on a local level and the two individuals who drove 19 hours straight from Memphis to our Mahwah, NJ branch - John Parker and Chris Pyle.

Robert Mannheimer, President and CEO of Blackman Plumbing Supply was quoted as saying "Mueller's goodwill gesture was truly remarkable. The New York Metropolitan area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the resources supplied by Mueller were ones desperately needed. The generators provided were able to help restore power to two of our branches which allowed us to get emergency equipment in to the hands of contractors who in turn worked to pump peoples basements out, get their heat back on and provide hot water to those in need. I'd like to extend my most sincere gratitude to all the people at Mueller who helped make this act of kindness possible. Your efforts will help us get through this crisis."

Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest storms in history to ever hit the New York City area. Record storm surges were recorded in Manhattan and wind speeds exceeding 80 mph were documented throughout the area. The eye of the storm passed through New Jersey's shore near Atlantic City where almost a foot of rain fell. Millions were left without power causing shortages of food, water and fuel. Following the storm, temperatures began to drop only complicating matters. Preliminary damages are being estimated around $50 billion.