AirAdvice Residential Acquired by Aultman;New Name is AirAdvice For Homes, Inc.

May 11, 2012
Training has been restructured to focus on ways to grow sales.

AirAdvice Inc., a leading HVAC industry provider of residential indoor air quality (IAQ) and commercial energy efficiency solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of its residential division by Don Aultman, current vice president and residential services general manager.

The residential division will now operate under a new name: AirAdvice For Homes, Inc., and plans are moving forward to offer new training and communication devices to HVAC contractors.

“My vision is to create, or re-create, a company that's 100% focused on providing the best IAQ program in the market. - Don Aultman

“Our top priority is to help contractors grow sales and profits through a continuous expansion of our offerings. We are excited about the initiatives underway,” Aultman says. “My vision is to create, or re-create, a company that's 100% focused on providing the best IAQ program in the market. AirAdvice was founded to serve residential HVACs, but the recent rapid growth of its commercial division made that its first priority. This undoubtedly was the right path for both the company and its shareholders, but not the best result for our residential HVAC customers. I’m very pleased that the transition from AirAdvice to AirAdvice for Homes has been seamless, and our customers have not been impacted from a service and support perspective.”

Employees are also unaffected by the transition. The current team of residential division AirAdvice employees continues working under AirAdvice for Homes, building on the success and effectiveness of its patented IAQ device, the unique AirAdvice monitor.

“We have the premier IAQ program in the marketplace today,” Aultman says. “We will maintain that position by constantly improving our offerings through investment in all aspects of our program, including our hardware, reports, training and lead generation strategies.”

Aultman already has restructured the company’s training program to focus on specific issues for HVAC contractors to help them grow sales.

“We've streamlined our lead generation program into three, 1-hour webinar modules. In the near future, we also will be optimizing our website to better generate homeowner leads that we can pass on to our contractors.”

Program enhancements also involve better client communications. “Many of our customers do not realize that our training programs are available to them year-round,” Aultman says. “Whether for refresher training or new employee education, we want contractors to know enrollment is open at any time at no additional cost.”

'Plug and Play' Communication Devices
In addition to training, AirAdvice for Homes will be launching communication devices that send data from the AirAdvice monitors to servers via cellular service or the Internet. The devices are ‘plug and play’, and can be attached to monitors by the contractor in less than sixty seconds. “These devices are particularly important as homeowners continue to replace land lines with cellular or internet-based telephone service,” Aultman says. “Updating the monitors with different communication paths means the contractor will not have to make an extra trip to the home to retrieve the monitor for data download. Monitors will not become obsolete and our program will remain the most cost-effective lead generation tool available.”