July 1, 2009
Arzel Introduces New Evergreen Zoning System Arzel Zoning Technology announces the launch of its Evergreen Zoning System, an aftermarket zoning product

Arzel® Introduces New Evergreen Zoning System

Arzel Zoning Technology announces the launch of its Evergreen Zoning System, an aftermarket zoning product that provides blower speed control based on air flow requirements to each zone, virtually eliminating the need for a bypass damper. The system provides indoor air quantity control for increased indoor air quality (IAQ), comfort and energy efficiency, sources say.

The Arzel Evergreen Zoning System combines a zone control system with a replacement multi-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM), to provide enhanced comfort. It meets increasing demands for energy efficient, green solutions. The system uses a universal ECM aftermarket motor for residential heating and cooling applications. It features patented rotation detection technology, and offers dual voltage capabilities for maximum compatibility. The ECM motor works in conjunction with the control panel, to deliver the right volume of heating or cooling, to optimally control room temperature.
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Trane Introduces XR15, New Mid-Tier Efficiency Air Conditioner

The Trane XR15, is a mid-tier, single-stage air conditioner, which offers up to 17 SEER with Trane variable speed furnaces, air handlers and Comfort Coils. The split system air conditioner will be available in 1.5 to five ton models. The Trane XR15 features a Climatuff® compressor, Spine Fin coils and upgraded fan motors delivering unsurpassed reliability and performance, sources say.
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Quietside Offers S-Line ODW On Demand Water Heaters

The new PVC vented ODW (on-demand water) tankless water heater from Quietside is available in four capacities ranging from 99,000 Btu/h to 199,000 Btu/h. According to company sources, this unit provides performance and efficiency coupled with the comfort of on-demand domestic hot water. Using Quietside's S-Line Heat exchangers, all units can reach efficiency levels over 92%. Each unit is Energy Star certified in the U.S. and Canada, and qualify for the 30% Federal tax rebate. Included with the water heaters is a vent termination kit, remote control, and isolation valve kit.
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Intuit Gets Small Businesses Paid Via Mobile Phone

To help small businesses process credit cards outside the office as soon as the job is done, Intuit, Inc. — the maker of QuickBooks® — offers Intuit GoPayment, an innovative way to process credit cards on the go. GoPayment helps small businesses improve sales and cash flow by using their mobile phones to accept credit card payments. All that's needed is a mobile phone with access to the mobile web, or the easy-to-download GoPayment application, and an Intuit GoPayment merchant account.

Intuit is working with Sprint to help small businesses get paid quickly using the GoPayment application on select Sprint phones. Intuit is also working with beeweeb, VeriSign's messaging and mobile media division, and others, to deliver innovative mobile offerings.
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Raypak Cat. IV PVC Venting for XTherm Condensing Boilers Up to 2000 MBTU

Raypak's new XTherm condensing boiler has vaulted the optional selection of stainless steel, CPVC, or PVC venting to the 2000 MBTU level, even for its 98% efficiency-rated boilers. The PVC adaptor is factory installed inside the boiler jacket. CSA approval for PVC venting has been granted for all XTherm models, including the 2000 (8-in. vent). For single and multiple boiler systems, this can reduce installation cost 30-50% while retaining all the energy saving benefits of condensing boilers.
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Cintas' Delivers New Retail-inspired Women's Comfort Pant

Cintas Corporation has blended functionality and fashion with its new line of rentable uniform pants designed specifically by women, for women. The new women's comfort pant, which is now available nationwide, features two patterns for different female body types.

According to company sources, Cintas Corporation's retail-inspired women's comfort pant offers innovative design standards, focusing on fit, fabric and function. The pant is available in two fit patterns and three inseam options to accommodate various female body types. Following retail trends, the new pant has a mid-rise waistline, is straight through the leg and has 11% mechanical stretch that moves comfortably with the wearer.
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Carrier Unveils New AquaForce® 30XW Heat Recovery Chiller

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp., unveiled its new AquaForce 30XW heat recovery chiller at its latest factory “Green Done Easy” customer event, and demonstrated how the AquaForce 30XW can be paired with Evergreen® 23XRV chillers to optimize energy savings.

More than 70 consulting engineers and building owners witnessed two Carrier Evergreen® 23XRV chillers with Foxfire compression technology operating in series counterflow along with a simulation of the AquaForce 30XW.

The AquaForce 30XW uses heat mode controls to adjust compressor capacity and maintain a constant leaving condenser water temperature as high as 140F. The chiller features two, independent refrigerant circuits, each with a semi-hermetic twin screw compressor. These provide redundancy and increased part load efficiency. The AquaForce 30XW uses HFC-134A refrigerant. At only 48-in. wide, the AquaForce 30XW is easy to install.
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Johnson Controls Offers the New System 450 Series

Johnson Controls, Inc. is now offering the System 450 Series of microprocessor-based modular controls. As a new product within the Johnson Controls/PENN brand, the System 450 Series provides versatile, compact, cost-effective and accurate digital control for a variety of HVACR and industrial controls applications.

With nine model variations - each designed to be multi-purpose, adaptable and field configurable - the System 450 Series can monitor and control temperature, pressure and humidity simultaneously. The enhanced design creates a versatile and durable custom control system that allows the user to monitor and control multiple control loops.
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Thybar Corporation Offers Metal Building Curbs

Thybar Corp. has introduced a new line of laser cut, competitively priced, all welded construction, insulated metal building curbs. Advanced laser technology offers the tightest tolerances and allows for a superior weld. Each curb is custom designed to accommodate any rooftop equipment and to conform to any roof pitch. The curbs are fabricated using #14 & #18 Ga. AZ-55 Galvalume® material with all welded construction, built-in diverter and integral conforming notches for complete compatibility with GALVALUME® roof panels and a water-tight seal.

Removable duct channels and insulated pans to accommodate duct locations are included.

Custom fabrication assures proper alignment to the roof slope and permits reinforcement as required to support any weight rooftop unit. Standard features include: built-in rib configuration, integral water deflecting cricket, 3-in. attachment flanges, 10-in. minimum height, and factory installed rigid insulation (1-1/2-in. thick, 3-lb density) are included.

Optional features include: extra height, non-insulated construction, and aluminum construction.
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