Tech Update

Aug. 1, 2010
Baltimore Aircoil Company’s Series 3000 cooling towers provide the heat rejection required at the lowest possible energy input via low horsepower axial fans, and high efficiency BACross® Fill, which provides maximum air/water contact time at low air pressure drops.


Baltimore Aircoil Co.
Baltimore Aircoil Company's Series 3000 cooling towers provide the heat rejection required at the lowest possible energy input via low horsepower axial fans, and high efficiency BACross® Fill, which provides maximum air/water contact time at low air pressure drops.

Models 3728C through 31056C and 31132C through 31301C ship in two sections to minimize the size and weight of the heaviest lift, allowing for the use of smaller, less costly cranes.

Series 3000 cooling towers are designed to meet requirements of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC). The standard unit can be certified up to an SDS of 1.4g, which covers most US seismic applications. In addition, the Series 3000 Cooling Towers have been designed to withstand wind loads of 30 psf or higher. BAC can also provide an upgraded tower to meet more extreme wind levels.
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Clarcor introduces the Airguard Micro Guard® LR high efficiency filter. With a high efficiency of 99%+ on 0.3 micrometers and low pressure drop, the Micro Guard LR introduces new sales opportunities for applications where the indoor air quality goal is the highest efficiency at the lowest resistance, sources say.

Comparing the Micro Guard LR against our current 95% DOP Micro Guard 95 DOP product line, the new LR product is over 40% lower in initial resistance than our current 95% DOP product with a higher efficiency (99%+ vs. 95% removal efficiency on 0.3 micrometers).
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Puronics® introduces the Clarius whole-house water treatment system. Through implementation of Green technology, the Clarius provides high-quality water in a cost effective manner, without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. The Clarius has four distinct filter media’s, and automatically backwashes to keep itself clean. Puronics recently received the prestigious 2010 U.S. Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for the Clarius.
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VRTX Technologies
VRTX Technologies, a water treatment company specializing in chemical-free treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, is now offering its chemical free water treatment service at a price similar to traditional chemical programs.

VRTX offers a monthly Full Service Agreement (FSA) that provides all necessary equipment and filtration, regular service and monitoring, and a continuing mechanical warranty. VRTX is the only non-chemical water treatment company that guarantees performance of the system without requiring up-front capital invested by the customer, sources say.
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AirAdvice offers HomeAdvice™, a program for residential HVAC contractors to monitor and assess indoor air quality (IAQ).

HomeAdvice™ is a service platform used by residential HVAC contractors to uncover and find solutions to indoor air quality issues. According to company sources the program encompasses portable monitors, web-based software for simple data analysis from any Internet connected computer, and easy to interpret reports, as well as expert IAQ consultation. By collecting, analyzing, and reporting on IAQ, contractors can then offer various IAQ solutions, including ventilation, filtration, humidity control, and high efficiency systems.
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Aprilaire offers the “One Touch” control available on all 4000 series Media Air Cleaners and the Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner.

The control offers these specific settings to allow a homeowner to easily customize, based on their needs and lifestyle:

  • Constant cleaning: air cleaner is active for 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Automatic: air cleaner will run a minimum of 30 minutes per hour;
  • Event clean: air cleaners will run for three hours continuously and then turn off;
  • Allergies: air cleaner will run continuously for 24 hours and then turn off.

Installed next to the thermostat or on the air-cleaning unit, the new control also provides validation the air cleaner is working by indicating through a sequence of bars that rise when the blower on the heating and cooling system is energized. circle 169

EWC Controls
The IZT-100 Internet zone thermostat from EWC Controls, takes full advantage of Ethernet networks and the Internet to use the converged in-home or business network for HVAC control. Internet zone thermostats feature standard Internet browser-based configuration and control over a secure Ethernet connection. Remote management and monitoring are available over secure and authorized broadband connections to the Internet. Internet zone thermostats can deliver e-mail status and alerts to any personal computer or mobile text-messaging device. A service provider or monitoring service can monitor, diagnose and control HVAC systems from a remote central location.
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This all-in-one kit includes all of the accessory heads used with the HVAC Guide® System Analyzer to automatically input data. Users can test target and actual superheat, sub-cooling, find target evaporator exit temperature, and perform and record combustion analysis with this kit. The HG2K9 also includes the ACH4 amp clamp to take amp draw readings directly with the HG2 for the CheckMe!® test. It all comes in the ANC3 large breifcase style bag, with room to add to a kit as new tests for the HVAC guide are developed.

As new switch positions are added and software is updated, downloads are posted right on the site. Version upgrades and new switch positions will be available for a nominal fee. Firmware/software improvements will be made available free of charge.
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Jackson Systems
The Jackson Systems’ WEB Comfort™ communicating thermostat system delivers exceptional value by enabling multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout the building or home. The system provides a web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring and control.

The WEB Comfort™ communicating thermostat system is compatible with most commercial and residential HVAC systems and supports remote access and controls up to 1,000 thermostats simultaneously. Multiple locations can be managed and accessed remotely with a single customer account.
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The IAQ50 and IAQ55 are used to measure and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) issues that may arise with carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity. Utilizing a non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) CO2 sensor, each instrument provides, fast, stabile measurements for CO2, while the audible and visual alarms notify the user when user-programmed alarm thresholds are violated. The multi-parameter display provides simultaneous readings for CO2, temperature, and humidity. The IAQ50 is a wall mounted or desktop monitor, while the IAQ55 provides portable hand-held IAQ measurements.
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The TIF family of tools for HVAC system performance test instruments with infrared capabilities includes: thermocouple thermometers (P/N 3310/3320), a psychrometer (P/N 3110), anemometer (P/N 3220) and differential pressure meter (P/N 3420 infrared probe not included). According to company sources, the instruments enable technicians to target non-contact surfaces and quickly take accurate differential temperature, pressure, and airflow readings. Technicians can also store min/max and average readings with these tools.

  • TIF 3310/3320 takes differential temperature readings with dual type-K thermocouple probes and non-contact surface temperatures.
  • TIF 3110 provides speedy checks on indoor quality in offices,production rooms, warehouses and more.
  • TIF 3220 measures air speed and temperature.
  • TIF 3420 allows technicians to measure differential, absolute and static pressures in most HVAC systems with its dual input pressure manometer.

Other features include large, easy-to-read LCD display and rugged design for easy grip and hold. The instruments also come in a carrying case, allowing technicians to conveniently transport the equipment.
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