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    Hurst Boiler Launches New Website

    Feb. 6, 2012
    Company offers fully-integrated boiler room solutions

    Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient boilers and boiler room solutions, announces the launch of its newly enhanced corporate website at hurstboiler.com. HurstBoiler.com has always served as a destination for comprehensive information related to boilers, boiler systems, integrated controls, manufacturing, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The new site includes richer product pages that can be easily accessed by application or need.

    “Our new website reflects the company’s leadership position in the boiler room marketplace,” says Jeff Hurst, vice president, sales and marketing at Hurst Boiler. “We've raised our own bar by providing interactive tools and information for our customers, prospects and representatives. As technology is ever changing, we wanted to keep ahead of the curve by enhancing functionality and content.”

    The enhanced site emphasizes Hurst's customer-focused approach with improved navigation that allows visitors to quickly locate what they need - from boiler basics and product information, to parts, news, articles, and tips for lowering fuel costs and emissions. In addition, the expanded library includes case studies and videos across industries as well as articles and white papers on boiler room management, emerging industry trends and state-of-the-art technology. To further Hurst Boiler’s commitment to education and training, visitors to the site can access information that will help them to improve their system’s energy efficiency, reliability, safety and renewable energy goals. Visitors can also inquire about the company tours and hands-on training modules at its manufacturing and product development campus in Coolidge, GA.

    “Our goal at Hurst is to provide our customers, prospects and representatives with a high level of service and information,” Hurst says. “I believe the re-design of our website demonstrates our on-going commitment to serve those needs at the highest possible level.” For information about the new Hurst Boiler website, visit hurstboiler.com or call 877/994-8778.