• Introducing: AmeriCool, Inc.;Mike Paulson to Lead

    June 21, 2012
    Provides air conditioning units for 'mission critical' needs of highly technological applications.

    Air conditioning industry expert Mike Paulson has been brought on as president of the newly-founded and California-based air conditioning company: AmeriCool Incorporated.

    Paulson has 10 years of experience at MovinCool, where he served as division manager of both North and South America.

    AmeriCool, Inc. has entered into an exclusive deal with Korean-based Weltem Co., Ltd.

    “It's my goal to build the AmeriCool brand throughout North America by focusing on quality, and providing the highest level of service to our customers,” Paulson says.

    Air conditioners by AmeriCool are designed for the “mission critical” needs of highly technological applications. Additionally, sources report, the units' rugged construction makes them ideal for harsh industrial applications.

    In 2011, AmeriCool, Inc. signed an agreement with Weltem Co., Ltd., a leading Korean manufacturer of air conditioning products since 1989, in order to establish their presence in North America. Known worldwide as an original development manufacturer, Weltem produces and offers private-label units for many top companies in the United States. With one of the industry’s leading warranty rates, Weltem understands the American demands for high quality standards.

    Founded in 2011, AmeriCool, Inc. is the official sales, marketing, and distribution company for Weltem air conditioning products in North America. AmeriCool, Inc.'s goal is to establish itself as the leading air conditioning company in North America, by first securing a foothold in the portable air conditioning market, and expanding rapidly to offer a full line of air conditioning solutions.

    AmeriCool, Inc. sources say the company offers a level of customer service that matches the same industry leading standards set by the units and accessories they offer. AmeriCool portable air conditioning units are available through a nationwide distributor network which specializes in portable air conditioning. This network has thousands of installations to its credit and offers 24/7 service and support. AmeriCool, Inc.’s products range from 1 to 5 tons, offering air conditioning solutions to large and small companies.