Refrigeration Service Today 12/12

Dec. 4, 2012
On these pages, Contracting Business provides information on products, trends, and business management for today’s commercial refrigeration contractor.

Capture Door Reduces Energy Loss in Coolers

Frank Door Company, Newport, NC, has introduced the Capture Door, an energy efficient solution for reducing operating costs resulting from open doors. Capture Door was designed based on findings from in-store supermarket research, to minimize natural flow of cold and warm air masses on typical open freezer/cooler doors. A vortex of directional forced air creates a vacuum space of minimal airflow in the opening, improving energy efficiency and lowering refrigeration costs. The Capture Door is designed to be installed on the cold side of the doorway. It captures cold air masses exiting the lower portion of the opening and recycles this pre-conditioned air back into the cold room. These two functions minimize the outflow of cold air and the inflow of warm humid air. These doors use velocity pressure to reduce cold room open door air turn over by 67%. That reduces energy cost and moisture infiltration. Sources say most applications will see a return on investment in six to 18 months, depending on environmental factors and the cost of electricity. — Frank Door Company

Brazeless Fittings Improve Piping Quality

Reflok, based in the UK, with an office in Boise, ID, manufactures connections that save piping installation time and improve the quality of the installation. Reflok allows the installation contractor to install a full VRF air conditioning or refrigeration pipeline system using tube sizes from 1⁄4-in. to 2 1⁄8-in. without the use of heat. Reflok air conditioning and refrigeration pipeline components and pipe joint kits are compatible with the world’s leading VRF air conditioning and refrigeration systems. For example, in May 2012, Daikin AC (Americas) Inc., gave official approval for Reflok compression fittings to be used on its VRV systems. The approval at the moment is for Reflok connectors and reducers when used with copper tubing, but approval for the aluminum tube, which maximizes the advantage of the Reflok system is expected soon. The Reflok connector is already universal and has been extensively tested with both metals with entirely positive results. Reflok products include BS box connectors, air handler connectors, aluminum tube and RMS pipe benders. See a video of Reflok comparted to brazing at


Call for Nominations: 2013 Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year

Contracting is seeking nominations for its Seventh Annual Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year Award. The winner will be announced in a feature article in the May, 2013 edition of Contracting

The Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year:

• Demonstrates a commitment to quality installation, service, industry involvement, and customer relations

• Is on the cutting edge of the latest technology

• Upholds high standards of training and employee skill, and employee presentation and character

• Is established, with a proven track record of at least 10 years of consistent growth, and a solid financial base from which to grow into the future

• Is active in industry associations, and poised to explore new opportunities to succeed in the marketplace, and pave a good career path for its talented employees

• Will be willing to share their story with the industry, and agree to an on-site visit by a Contracting Business editor.

The award will be presented during the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) 2013 annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.The winner is asked to be present to accept the award.

Send nominations that cover each of the above points, to Terry McIver, executive editor, at [email protected].